New Stuff

Over the next few days I'll be trying out new fonts and colors for the "new" look of my blog. I do love the color pink, and I love God so this template seemed to work in those ways. My next fav color is purple, so I'm trying to get some of that in there also.

Now is also the time for some to make those yearly resolutions. What about you? Are you a resolution type person?

I normally don't make resolutions. Too easy to break. Then we're wondering if we can commit to anything. This year, though, I am setting a few goals (just a different way of saying resolution) and am going to try and tackle something I"m not thrilled about doing.


I'm not an exercise type person. The word makes me cringe. But I have to get some cardio and toning happening. I found a routine online that looks like something I can handle. So, Saturday I'm going to start trying to implement this routine into my mornings. I'm starting Saturday because it's going to take me a while to get the hang of these exercises.

Oh, no. Tomorrow is Saturday! Yikes. It is!

Okay. Blogger promise. I will post tomorrow how my first morning of exercise went. (or didn't)

What about you? Anything new you are planning on incorporating for the new year?

New Year--New Look

It's almost 2008 and I decided to have a new look for my blog. I hope it's easy to read. You'll have to bear with me for a few days as I get all my stuff added back on, my links and all that jazz.

Let me know what you think!!

Hope to have this finished by the end of the year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Have a very blessed day---Happy Birthday Jesus!


It's been a few days since I've blogged. What does it take at this time of the year to get me back in the swing?
Something free. Yes free. That's a great word to use at Christmas time, considering everytime you go into a store you're pulling out that credit card, handing out cash, or writing a check.
So this is free.

What is IT? you ask. A class on blogging. I found out I really do enjoy blogging so why not reap the rewards.

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

It's a great time of the year to start something. After all, it's almost New Years Day. 2008 is right around the corner.

Do you have something planned for the New Year?

Weather or not?

I've been living in Georgia since 1976. Seems like we used to have seasons, but maybe I was young and doing whatever and just didn't pay attention.
Now it seems like the heat of summer turns into the cold of winter which in turn turns into the heat of summer.
Only right now the heat of summer is happening in December. We are breaking records everyday this week. High 70's. Beautiful, sunny and dry. We need cold, rainy and wet. We are in a severe drought, our water restrictions are in place and there's no washing your car in your driveway, that's for sure.
They say that by this weekend on Sunday the low will be in the 20's and the high in the 40's. More like our normal weather in December.
But for the next couple of days, I'll be enjoying this burst of summer in December.
HOw about you? Where do you live and how's your weather treating you?

Prayer Today--Here and on F.A.I.T.H.

Please pray today at 3:30 for Kristy Dykes. Click here to read the whole story.
Please click! It's important!!

Bunches of stuff

Okay, as my cuz pointed out in the comment section I have not been posting regularly this week. It's true--she's right. But--well there are no excuses are there? I've had time to do other things, so I could have jotted something down here and there--one day or another, huh?

I'll preview a little of my post tomorrow. Kristy Dykes husband is asking for world-wide prayer for her at 3:30 Monday afternoon as she goes for her first radiation treatment. I'll have that post tomorrow.

On a lighter note, we have our granddaughter with us today and tomorrow. Such a joy to have around. She's talking up a storm and making us laugh really hard with her cute sayings. She turned two in August and seems to be a very bright, fun, happy little girl.

My cuz's niece (which I'm not sure what Marisa is to me? My second niece once removed twice over and three times under?) Marisa had a baby girl last week. From reading the paragraph above Marisa and Jim are in for a lot of fun in the next couple of years. I know she will be a joy. Here is a very cute picture of Kenzi.

What a better way to end a post than with a cute picture!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Head on over to F.A.I.T.H. to find out about the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Home By Christmas

Today begins Home By Christmas, an old fashioned Christmas story written by thirteen different authors. Between now and December 23rd I'll post a continuing section of the short story each week. The first installment is by Author Louise M. Gouge. You can check it out at its dedicated blog at Home By Christmas.

I know you will enjoy this story.

A Shopping We Will Go

My husband and I live close to the mountains. There are great little mountain towns and lots of shops where you can find different and unique things. We spend one Saturday a month going Christmas shopping in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The drive is nice, and we usually find quite a few gifts. Ones that you don't find in every store.

So today is the day. It's supposed to be nice here, high 60's, low 70's. I'm sure there will be a cool breeze, but it looks to be a great day for our shopping spree.
We really look forward to doing this together. We have lots of fun and get something accomplished in the process. And it's good for me because I"m not really a shopper. I'd rather be home reading or writing instead of getting out amongst the crowds.

Where do you fall on the shopping meter? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between?

F.A.I.T.H. Girls

Check out Angie's Contest on her blog. She's giving away a great book on parenting.

Also, Christy has a couple of great video clips of the Casting Crowns concert she attended over Thanksgiving weekend.

Go visit.....Go on....Check them out!!!

Age telling on F.A.I.T.H.

Check out the F.A.I.T.H. blog.
We're talking about age over there today. We're discussing the first time you ever......

She Said What?

My husband, son and I went to my husband's brothers for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the family, and of course we had good food. There were a few missing from having to be elsewhere or they were sick. We hope all are well now.

We played a game called Catch-Phrase. There's this round thing-and it has a timer and a display screen. When you start you have to get your team to say the word, then you pass it on to the next team and they have to get their team to say the new word, and this goes on until that timer runs out. You don't want to be holding the thing when the timer goes off.

So, it was fun and we were having a good time. The thing gets passed to one of my team mates. She starts saying things like...when two people break up this happens to one of them....think of an organ...the one person is really this when a break up occurs...

Okay, so when she says the first line I say--"They stalk you." Well, his family started laughing. Then the organ thing and another of our teammates says something about the heart. Then when she gave the third clue I said "They try to kill themselves."
So everyone got a laugh at my responses and they commented on them for a moment, but really this is a game where you can figure some stuff out about people. Wow, what type of relationships have I had? Stalkers and people wanting to kill themselves? Yes, looking back I have had those experiences when breakups occured, but that has been years ago. I have been with my husband fifteen years now. I good, steady, safe, loving relationship.

Guess the old stuff still lingers huh?

By the way, the Catch Phrase we were looking for was "heartbreaker".

As writers we draw on experiences and reactions for our characters. No, I don't write suspense, but I do write humor. In some situations, there is nothing to do but laugh.

Do you have any experiences to draw from as a writer? Do you have any over all themes that keep popping up in your books? Readers, do you like a particular type of book for a reason?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I have so much to be thankful for. Not everything goes right every day, not every situation is to my liking, not every dream has been realized. But to focus on those things would be foolish.
What I do have and know and love puts those negative thoughts to shame. My family, my friends, the fact I get to live in a house, have a car to drive.
The common factor all these good things have is God. Without Him I would be nowhere. My thinking would be misguided, my decisions would be misdirected, my over-all attitude would leave a lot to be desired.
I'm thinking we should be thankful everyday for the love He's given us so we can love each other.
Have a blessed day!

Crowder and Such

The DC Band show last night was awesome! A group called The Myraid opened and then Phil incredible of a performer he is! He was sans band, just him and his guitar and man he can belt out some love to our Lord!

Then Crowder and Company stepped out on stage and electricity struck---the man can move an audiance. He is high energy and if you are in the same room you can't help but be caught up in it. The drummer has somehow managed to flip a Guitar Hero guitar into a guitar that Crowder played during one of the songs. That really vamped up the crowd. They (mostly a younger than me crowd) were loving it.

On a totally different note, Missy has a great author interview posted on her blog on debut author Julie Lessman. Go here to check it out.

David Crowder-Tonight!

Tonight is the David Crowder Band concert at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. I bought my tickets in April and have been waiting for tonight since then. His new Cd Remedy is great and we are looking forward to having a great time. I'll post tomorrow and let you know how the show was.
It'll be fun spending a couple hours worshiping our God with awesome music!

Angie's Contest

Angie has a great contest running on her blog today. The prize is a really fun sounding book.

check it out


Are you ever at a loss for words? Words that truly express the way you feel, the way your heart feels?
That's about how I've been this past week. In coversations with my husband and with Kay about God things I keep saying "I don't know."
There are things I do know. God's love-the freedom in God's love-the way God loves us. All that has been brought home to me this week. It's amazing, it's awesome, it's incredible.
What I don't know is what to do with it.
Where to go with it.
I can't sit around and not do anything with His incredible gift of Him to us.
I can't.
I write. That's something. But I need to do more.
If you are reading this, please pray for God's calling to me to be revealed. I think I'm thinking to hard. I've been praying. I'm trying to listen.


Halloween is over and the holidays are coming. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It's finally getting cooler here in Georgia. I have yet to wear a coat, but I think we're almost there. The leaves are falling and turning colors.
It's fall in Georgia a month and a half before it officially becomes winter.
Ah, the joys of living in the south.
What part of the country do you live in and have you seen the signs of the seasons changing?

Do I Have To?

Check out F.A.I.T.H. to see what we do that we don't really want to do.

Rain and NASCAR

Ah! It's raining in Georgia. Not a whole lot, but the streets are wet, the ground is damp and I had to turn the windshield wipers on tonight and this morning.
We need the rain so badly! Of course it will start raining now. It's NASCAR weekend coming up and that just goes hand in hand with rain. I remember more than one year of hanging out all day just to go home because we were rained out.
What's amazaing to me is that south Georgia has has way too much rain and north Georgia is in a severe drought. Send some water our way folks!!
Oh, well, I'll report back about the race (or non-race) on Sunday.

Anyone know who this racer is?

Crowder on F.A.I.T.H.

Uh, oh!!
Crowder has been spotted over at F.A.I.T.H.
Check it out!


Okay, I'll admit it. This is a mindless, senseless, post. But it probably mirrors my mind right now. After months of being "on the go" I am finally home for months on end. Yes, until February I'm not leaving town. Even I am having a hard time believing it's true.
So, why is this post titled Pizza? Because I've eaten pizza for dinner last Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night, Friday night and I'm eating left over pizza today for lunch.
Did I mention I LOVE pizza? I guess it's a good thing, huh?
I had Papa Johns, Stevie B's, Romano's, Digorno frozen pizza (I'm addicted) and Trevili's Pizza in Dawsonville, Georgia. Did I already say I LOVE pizza? Well, as much as I LOVE pizza, I"m probably going to be hating my scales in a couple of days. While pizza is great for the taste buds, it's way bad on the calories.
So, what's your favorite type of pizza? And what's your limit on how many times a week you would eat it?

You God-a Love It!!!!!

I'm back in Atlanta now. Yeah! I just love being home. I missed my hubby and my cat. Yes, I that order. I swear!
As I mentioned in my previous post I had been in Houston and the last night I was there I stayed with my hubby's Aunt and Uncle. Ruth and Shorty. Shorty is a minister and we had great conversations.
The morning I left I showed him my devotional by Andrew Murray. I asked Shorty if he had ever read him and he said no. So I told him how I'm inspired by Andrew Murray's insightfulness. His love of the Lord is incredible.
As we are walking out the door (they took me to work that day) Uncle Shorty gives me a book. It's titled 'not I but Christ' by Stephen E. Olford. Uncle Shorty tells me it's a good book that he thinks I'll enjoy reading. He then quotes Galations 2:20--"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."
So we converse a little about the book and they drop me off, we say our goodbyes and I am sad to leave them.
Later in the day I"m at the airport waiting on the plane. I decide to look at the book Uncle Shorty gave me and I glance through it. Then I remember I didn't read my Andrew Murray devotional that morning because I had been visiting with Uncle Shorty and Aunt Ruth.
So I open up Daily in His Presence by Andrew Murray. The title for October 4--"Jesus Crucified". The content of the devotional?
You got it. Galations 2:20.
I smiled and goosebumps ran up my arms. Wow. And things like this happen often with God. He is the master planner, creator and organizer of all that is Him. Right about now I'm thinking he wants me to dig deeper into this matter.
What do you think?

Hot, Humid, Houston

I'm in Houston, Texas and boy is it hot and humid. The sun is shining and there isn't a dark cloud to be found. I'm here for work, but I had something very nice to look forward to.
Lenny's Aunt and Uncle live here. Actually 15 minutes from where I"m working and literally within walking distance of the hotel I was staying at. I took a "hotel" break tonight and spent the evening with them and their son whom I've never met before, but boy can he grill a fabulous steak.
Aunt Ruth made scalloped potatoes...salad...and homemade chocolate cake. Can you say I'm not eating for a week!!
It was a fabulous visit and if I have to come back here, I will be staying with Aunt and Uncle. They have a warm and lovely home and I enjoy their stories and visiting with them.
And maybe if I come back it will be a little cooler.
I hope!

Old Friends, New Beginnings

I'm home from the Georgia Romance Writers 25th Anniversary Moonlight and Magnolia conference. What an incredible weekend it was. Close to home. Friends were there and motivation along with inspiration couldn't be tamed.

Here's a photo of the original critique group I belonged to. Me, Meg, Maureen and Missy. It was good to be together again. We had a fabulous time dancing and visiting and eating chocolate!

That is the old friends part---the new beginnings part is just the fact that we're all beginning again, after conference, to do what we do. Write. We're all either revising or creating something. It's incredible the amount of hours we pour out our hearts onto blank pages. It's totally an addiction.
One we don't want to be free of.

We write on, and on, and on. Just like the beat.....
It goes on, and on, and on......

A Conferencing We Go

This Friday is the beginning of the Georgia Romance Writers 25th Anniversary of the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. (Known as M&M).
I will be there and am looking forward to it. I'll be staying with Missy as usual and we have a lot of fun things planned. Our friend Meg Moseley will be visiting us Saturday nights for the Maggie Award of Excellence Dessert Reception. It will be fun. And I'm sure to learn a lot from all the great workshops being offered.
I know I'll have some fun pictures to post when I come back.
Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is THE Day

Tomorrow is the day. Yes, the day.
The day I'm going to mail my partial to an editor at Harlequin Books. I received the request at the RWA National conference in July. I have a synopsis ready, my chapters are complete. Tonight I will print them out, attached a cover letter and trust the package to the US Postal Service tomorrow morning.
I'm excited, yet slightly anxious.
She asked for a partial not the full. At first I was a little disappointed. Usually, the editors almost always ask for a full manuscript from an unpublished author because they want to make sure they have written a whole book.
So, like I said, when she asked for a partial, I was a little bummed. But then I realized how much better that was for me since I hadn't finished the book yet. I could get a partial (synopsis and about the first 50 pages) off to her much quicker than if she had requested the whole book.
So, yeah! That part rocked.
Now, I have to pray she wants to see the full manuscript after reading the partial. If she doesn't, then there goes that book with that editor. And that house.
But, I'm not going to borrow trouble.
I'm sending the partial, writing to the finish like crazy, entering the Golden Heart contest for unpublished authors, while I wait for the request to see the full manuscript.
Ahhhh.....the joys of writing!

Perpetual Inspiration

Today's post is taken from my devotional I'm reading by Andrew Murray. The book, Daily In His Presence is an awesome book and I have mentioned it here before.

This is what is says for September 13th.
Perpetual Inspiration
"I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever." John 14:16
Then in the text is this:
"It is a mistake to confine inspiration to particular times and occasions, or to prophets and apostles. Inpspiration is for every Christian who trusts to be continually led and inspired by the Spirit of God."

What I take from this is that God inspires us as we continually pray and ask God for guidance. He is our inspiration--the author of our ideas--then he sees them to fruition. Completion.

If you're a writer and are stuck on a certain area of the manuscript, lay it down, pray it up, and see where you're at. I love it that we can rely on such a creator for our creations.

Oh, and one last thing--
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fun day my friend!


Need a little direction? Check out F.A.I.T.H. to see which direction is good for you!

Contest Winner and Word Count

Yeah to anonymous!(Wendy!) You are the winner of the word count contest.

I wrote 3015 words over Saturday and Sunday. Which brings my total manuscript up to 20031 words. 97 pages.
I'm going to continue to work a little longer tonight, hoping to cross the 100 page mark.
Thanks for tuning in Wendy!!! You know I love you.
There will be a dedication to you when I publish a book. I promise!

Revising the Excerpt-Contest-Seeing Who's Checking In

The excerpt I posted Thursday was a rough draft. Totally. I had just finished typing the words five minutes before on my wip.
Now, if you're a writer this is old hat to you. If not, it might be interesting---might not. But I'll share anyway.
What comes next is revision. We take the story, revise, and voila!! Hopefully a better version of the idea will come across.

Let's try it here.
Old version:
“Eat up, Son. I’m sure this is a far cry from those frozen pizzas you’ve probably been eating.”
Levi sat with his parents in the Lawson Lodge dining hall. The food was always excellent and tonight was no exception. Except his stomach didn’t feel good.
His treatment of Summer ate away at him. How could he have acted like that? Why had he acted like that? Other than feeling like he still owed his parents for his brother’s death. Although that thinking in itself was crazy, too. They still were bitter toward him. The excuse that they were worried about him was just that, an excuse.
They wanted to come and see if he’d changed. Felt any worse than he already did. Because they couldn’t get over losing their baby son, and his death was all Levi’s fault.
“What do you think that girl wants from you?”

New version:
“Eat up, Son. I’m sure this is a far cry from those frozen pizzas you’ve probably been eating.”
Levi eyed his father who always tried to smooth over a situation with meaningless small talk. "I'm eating."
In reality he hadn't made a dent in his meal. His mother on the other hand, had no trouble in finishing off the famous Lawson Lodge chicken salad.
No amount of atmosphere or good food could change the way he treated Summer. His behavior ate away at him. How could he have acted like that?
Okay, so he still felt like he owed his parents for his brother’s death. Owed them what he wasn't sure. His apology seemed to hang in the air. They neither accepted it or rejected it. They still were bitter toward him.
Yes, they showed up to see him. But the excuse that they were worried about him was just that, an excuse.
They wanted to come and see if he’d changed. Felt any worse than he already did. Because they couldn’t get over losing their baby son, and his death was all Levi’s fault.
“What do you think that girl wants from you?”
His mother's words brought up the situation his father's small talk tried to avoid. The ironic part? His mother would never believe him if he told her.

See the differences? Well, I'm not done. But I think it's better. Evokes more emotion. Gives a different (hopefully better) light on the scene.

Let me know what you think.

And now that you've read through the excerpts---thanks for sticking around. I have a little contest running only this weekend!!
My word count on An Unexpected Love is 17,018. Let me know what you think the word count will be by Sunday night. I am going to work on the ms during the day today and tomorrow afternoon.
If your count is the closest--I have a great book to send you. Debbie Guisti's Scared To Death.
So, post a guestimate---and I'll check in tomorrow night to see who is the closest.
Thanks for supporting my vision.

Amy Wallace Interview

Check out F.A.I.T.H. today. Christy LaShea Smith has a great interview posted with Amy Wallace. They talk about writing, friendships, God and of course, chocolate!!
See you over there!

Up and excerpt

Well, the word count for my current ms is going up and up! I love it. The story gets more exciting as I go along. I'm anxious to see what develops between Levi and Summer. Here's an excerpt from a scene I'm working on. Levi's parents have suprised him with a visit and they were the ones surprised when they realize Pop-Princess Summer Sinclair is jamming with their son.

“Eat up, Son. I’m sure this is a far cry from those frozen pizzas you’ve probably been eating.”
Levi sat with his parents in the Lawson Lodge dining hall. The food was always excellent and tonight was no exception. Except his stomach didn’t feel good.
His treatment of Summer ate away at him. How could he have acted like that? Why had he acted like that? Other than feeling like he still owed his parents for his brother’s death. Although that thinking in itself was crazy, too. They still were bitter toward him. The excuse that they were worried about him was just that, an excuse.
They wanted to come and see if he’d changed. Felt any worse than he already did. Because they couldn’t get over losing their baby son, and his death was all Levi’s fault.
“What do you think that girl wants from you?”

Okay, so maybe Levi wonders the same thing? But that doesn't make him feel any better. He feels Summer is genuine, but it's him against the world. What do you think the odds are that these two will make it?

Thanks for sharing.


It's almost September and do you know where your summer went? I'm not sure I do. Both of my children are back at college, the traffic is congested with the typical school buses and cars on the road.
Yes, summer is almost over.
But we can look at it a different way.
Fall is just beginning.
I love beginnings, don't you?
Full of promise, hope, expectations.
And hopefully cooler weather.
What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Walk, play an outdoor sport? How about raking leaves? I know everybody loves to do that, huh?
I've talked about the kids in Mexico. What a joy. But there were also adults who made our trip such a blessing. Below is Grace, Pastor Gonzalo's wife, and Laura, who was our interpreter when we did VBS. Both ladies have such a heart for God and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time with them.

here is Pastor Gonzalo with his sword of the spirit. As I mentioned before, we did VBS with the verses from Ephesians regarding the full armor of God. Everyone on our team signed the sword of the spirit and we gave it to Pastor Gonzalo.

This is Pastor Gonzalo, his wife Grace, and their son Marco. Pastor Gonzalo has an incredible story of how he came back to Mexico and had the idea for Pan de Vida. Through God, Pastor Gonzalo and his congregation are giving hope to the people in the surrounding areas. The whole atmosphere is something to be experienced. The love of God and the Holy Spirit are surrounding Pan de Vida in a mighty way.

There are more adults who were awesome to us. Stay tuned for their photos and stories.


Come on over to F.A.I.T.H and see what the jingle/jangle is about!!

Kids R Us-Pan de Vida

One of the best parts of going to Mexico was the children. Here are a few photos of the children as we did VBS.

Our verses for VBS were from Ephesians 6:13-18.
They talk about putting on the full armor of God. Equipping ourselves daily with the protection we get from knowing God and his word. We have a helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of true, our shoes of peace, our sword of the spirit and our shield of faith. We had fun doing a skit, making shields of faith and tracing feet for the shoes of peace.
So, go, with the full armor of God for whatever you are doing this day.
And remember,
God is good--all the time!

In the beginning

Fairy tales start out Once upon a time....
Genesis starts out In the beginning....

To read more head over to F.A.I.T.H.

Work Day 1-Pan de Vida

So, here we are, ready to work. But our tile hasn't arrived yet. So we adjusted our plan and did some other things.

Here are Patti and Kay and June doing some painting.

Lenny, Casey and I were putting in windows.

After working we went to the hotel, changed and got ready for VBS. VBS was in a different neighborhood. Lots of kids came. We did singing, a skit, a craft and a snack. We had an interpreter. The kids enjoyed all parts of the VBS. So did we. Here are a few photos.

This is Erika. She's the daughter of Laura, our interpreter. Erika is also a tambourine girl at the church. I'll have more on them and their fabulous routines later.
What we did for craft: We traced their feet and they colored or stickered them. This referred to the shoes of peace in the armor of God scriptures we were teaching.
Day 2 and more VBS pictures coming soon.

Dreams on F.A.I.T.H.

Go to F.A.I.T.H. to check out a dream come true.
More on Pan de Vida tomorrow!

Arrival and food!!!!

Our drive started in Georgia Friday morning at about 9:30. We headed for Sulphur La. and arrived there, spent the night, got up early the next morning, headed for Houston, picked up June and made it to Laredo by 8:00 Saturday night. Two days worth of driving wrapped up in two sentences. How about that.
We headed to Mexico Sunday morning. The directions we had weren't quite what we needed when we go to Monterrey. But, by the grace of God, Kay's memory and some photo's we had of Pan de Vida, we managed to make it to the church before the service was over.

Here we are arriving at Pan de Vida.

Pictured below is some of the housing surrounding Pan de Vida. The culture there is very different from America. Their lifestyles are more relaxed, they don't seem to be in a hurry. A very drastic change from life here. The housing may be small and look not very appealing, but the people there are full of love and are very nice and friendly.

After church, we headed for some much needed lunch. I forget the name of the place but we ate kilos. I know that's not really spelled right, and there's more to the food, but trust me it was awesome and a lot of it. We had beans, tortillas, cheese dip kind of stuff, meet, pica sauce, green sauce and Joya!!

We are always smiling while we are eating. Yummy food!!!

Before we had gone to eat, Pastor Gonzalo had shown us the upstairs and what we would be working on.
Come back and see our works days, sweat photos and much more.

Pan de Vida---Bread of Life

Here is Pan de Vida. Bread of Life in spanish.
It's a church community center, and so much more. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Pan de Vida. Praise God.

They worship with a keyboard, guitars, a drummer and beautiful girls with tambourines. But it's not the instruments that make this worship, it's the people playing the instruments and the people in the congregation singing with their voices, full of joy for our Lord. It's what's inside these people that make their worship alive and wonderful and energetic. It's contagious.
Thursday night during the fiesta, we were dancing and singing and having the time of our lives. The memories of that times won't fade quickly I can assure you.

Next time I'll post some work pictures. Yes, we worked. I promise. (Focus, Kay. Focus.)

Until then......

What makes your worship come alive? A certain type of music, a place your heart gets to.....Let me know.

Back in Georgia

I'm back from Mexico. 3000 miles logged on the church van. Whoo! What a trip. This was my first mission trip and there is so much going on I can't begin to post it in one single post. I"m going to blog about it over the next couple of weeks with pictures and tales.
Traveling for nine days with 5 other people is a lot of fun. We all got along and trust me you need to get along to live together for that many days. The people in Mexico were fabulous and loving and genuine and they cook the most awesome food! I think I gained 5 pounds at least.

Here's a picture from a VBS we did one night.

The kids were great and they loved the crafts we did and the snack. They sang and listened to our Bible verse being read. All of this was of course happening in Spanish. But we somehow managed to communicate.

More photos and stories in the coming days.

Mexico and hello Brenna girl!!!

We are in Mexico and working hard, having fun and eating really awsesome food!

Brenna girl----Miss you much! Alex, miss you too!! (and everybody)

Wendy--how are things?

The country here is beautiful. There are mountains edging part of the city. The church we are at is called Pan de Vida--Bread of Life. It is so appropriate for this community. We got here in time for church on Sunday and it was an awesome service. The music was great, they all sing with such joy. We tried to sing although we didn{t know what we were singing. I could pick out a couple of words. But the spirit is here-Praise God.
VBS was incredible tonight. We did a skit, a craft and had a snack. The kids are so beautiful and so happy.

I cant wait to share the pictures. August will be Mexico Mission Recap. Photos for all to see.

I will try to check in again. It is hard to get on the computer. The hotel has two but they are busy and we are not here very much.

Brenna--again--miss you much my girl. I will call if I can, if not you will here from me Friday.

Love to all.

Mexico Mission Trip

Tomorrow we'll be headed to Mexico for our mission trip. Please keep our team in your prayers. We are Lindi, Lenny, Kay, Casey, Patty, and June. Thank you so much. I will post when we return and hopefully be able to share some awesome stories and pictures. This is my first mission outreach trip and I'm excited, nervous, unknowing but trusting. Trusting in Him whose word needs spreading. For we were commanded to make disciples of all nations......
Praise God!

Here is a link to the blog of the mission we are doing.
Pan de Vida Mission Blog

And the difference was..............

This is me and Carla Hughes. Carla won the Golden Heart for the Inspirational Category. I met Carla earlier in the week. I went up to her and introduced myself as second place. She looked at me when I said that so I explained that every time we finaled in a contest together she won first and I won second. We had a good laugh. What an awesome person to come in second place behind. I was thrilled she won the GH.

All dressed up!
Here is Missy, Janet, Cheryl and Terry. We had a great time at dinner.

I know one of the reasons I had such a great time at conference was because of who I surrounded myself with. I roomed with Missy--awesome lady---then the F.A.I.T.H girls Angie and Mindy of course are incredible. Debbie Guisti, Darlene Buccholz and Janet Dean I already knew and they are lovely ladies. Then I met such great people like Terry Weldon, Cheryl Wyatt, Debra Clopton, Allison Pittman, Kimberly Fish, Leigh Bale. I know there are others, it's late and my brain isn't working right. Oh, I also talked with Deeanne Gist whome I've met before through our mutual friend Meg, and I got to meet Tamara Alexander, a truly lovely lady.
So you see, surrounded by such Godly, humble, beautiful ladies as these, how could I have been anything but blessed.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who made my conference awesome.

Before leaving again.....

My, my how the time does fly!!!
I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. But I'm back from a great time in Dallas. I have a few pictures to share and will try to do so for a couple of days this week. I'm leaving Friday for a mission trip to Mexico. Please keep our team in your prayers.

Here is Missy being booted out of the Golden Network---a group for Golden Heart finalists...when you sell a book you get the boot!

And here's one of some friends--Janet, Debbie, Darlene and Debra-delightful, wonderful women I was blessed to spend my week with.

I'll try to post some more before we go to Mexico.

Adios, Amigos!!!

Sunday-RWA-and other things....

I love the Secrets of the Throne of Grace month Andrew Murray has prepared for July...but we'll take a break for today..actually I may be breaking of that for the next week.
I'll be in Dallas at RWA Nationals. I'll try to keep up with posting, but not sure about internet access. What that really means is I'm not sure if I can afford it! After all, Missy and I do splurge on room service coffee every morning. And that I've put into the budget.
It'll be a week of fun, learning and seeing old friends. Mindy, Angie, Virginia I can't wait to say hello in person.
But it is pretty exciting to be around so many writers. We know we all have something in common and you can pretty much start a conversation with anyone with the words, "What do you write?"
I do have an editor appt with Melissa Endlich. I"ll be practing that pitch with Missy on the airplane, or in the room or whereever I can. I've met her before but it's been a while. Missy has invited me to the Golden reception where the newly published get "the boot." I'll be cheering when they call her name.
Usually when I get home from this event I'm dog-tired and emotionally drained. But I can't be like that this year. I only have 4 days to prepare to go to Mexico for a mission trip.
So, check out F.A.I.T.H. tomorrow and check in the rest of the week to find out what's going on in Dallas.

Secret of the Throne of Grace-3

Daily In His Presence
July 7
The Lamb and the Spirit
Revelation 5:6

Andrew Murray says:
"Second, we learn that it is only through the Spirit that we shall understand the glory of the Lamb and be filled with His love, and so stand firm in the faith of that which He can do in us and for us and through us."

How true this is. He states towards the end of the devotional to take time and be quiet before the throne of the Lamb and enjoy His presence.
The more we know God, the more we can hear His voice to us and know what He's about and what He wants us to be about.
The Spirit of God is such a fascinating subject. How He gave us all this Spirit so we can have the full love He has planned for us. How having that Spirit will let us show that love to the world.
Go out this weekend and show God's love to all you meet.
After all, He's given it to us--and like everything else we have- it's His to begin with.

Secret of the Throne of Grace-2

Daily In His Presence
Andrew Murray
July 5th:

Remember much is given therefore much is expected. Are we doing our part to bring others to Jesus?

All are not called out of their countries to do mission work. We need people everywhere including in the US and wherever you live.
My former Pastor and his family have been called. They are going to Peru.
You can read about their journey so far by clicking here.
See what a wonderful trip they had in Brazil. You can also donate to the Mission Society on their behalf.

I want to be faithful. How about you?

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Everyone have a happy Independence Day! Celebrate fun-relax-and enjoy!

Secrets of the Throne of Grace-1

From Andrew Murray: Daily in His Presence
July 2nd:
Thank You Lord for the abundance of grace I receive from You every day.

The insights Andrew Murray offers are invaluable to me. I love reading his devotionals. He writes in a way I can understand (most of the time) and pours out his heart and devotion to God in a way that is inspiring to say the least.
In this devotional July is the "Secret of the Throne of Grace" month.
How awesome is it there is a Throne of Grace.
As I pour out my heart, thoughts and anguish to our Lord God, it is only by His grace that we are saved. I can hardly comprehend the concept. He loves us enough to forgive us.
I pray that I walk on the path that He leads. I pray that old ways die and His ways come to life.
And yes, Lord, I do thank You for the abundance of grace I receive from You every day.

Another Week

Another week has gone by. Literally. Gone by.
Also, another month----say goodbye to June and hello to July.

We in Georgia are in the droves of heat, occasional rain (Praise God!) and humidity. My hair is really big---it never used to do that. Now it stays in a pontytail much of the time.

We have a new pastor at our church. I really like him. He's given two sermons and I've enjoyed and needed them both. Thanks to the North Georgia conference for sending him.

Will try to post something relating to something this week.

Thanks for visiting.

Posting Party

Anyone up for a posting party?

I hope so.

My pastor and his family are in Brazil for 2 weeks. They are in training to be missionaries in Peru for 5 years. There's a process to go through and they are in it now.

He's got a blog and is posting about Brazil and the experiences there. I thought if you are reading this post, you could go and post a note of encouragement (Or whatever you want to say) to him and his family.

If you would like to do so, go here and you'll see the family, then scroll down and you'll see the blog link. They would so appreciate prayers from everyone. (And I know they'd love a note or two--or twenty!)

Thanks all.

Happy Father's Day

Here are some pictures of girls and their Dads.
My husband and his daughters

My granddaughter and her dad

Me and my dad


Your love so real
your words they heal
you've stood through it all
never regretting the call
that was born when we were born

Your smile, your love
like heaven above
shown bright through it all
never regretting the call
that was born when we were born

Your wisdom, your ways
led us through the days
taking us through it all
We're thankful for your call
blessed that we were born, when we were born
to you

Happy Father's Day Dads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hitting the Books!!!

Other than the contest I had the last week of May, I've been basically neglecting my blog. No excuses!!! I mean I have lots of them, but I"m not going to list them here.

But I miss posting. Somehow I manage to post something on my F.A.I.T.H blog every Monday, but I haven't been doing that here. Well, I'm going to start back. I know I"ve posted this schedule before, but I'll be posting Tuesday, Thursday, and then one day on the weekend.

Not that I have all that much interesting stuff to say and post, but I"ll give it a shot.

We do have a good time over at the F.A.I.T.H. blog. There are always interesting topics being discussed over there. Right now we're talking about writing alot. Revising, starting new books.

I'm in the throes of both. I've got a new book I"m ready to start and one I need to revise. So right now I"m working on the revisions. That's why the meter at the right isn't going up, because I'm revising my book titled Girl in Waiting. I'm also trying to develop stories for the two other girls in the book, Velvet and Braedyn. I hope to be able to write sequels to the book, but I can't do that if all is well. I mean there would be no conflict!! (Which is the story of my writing life, but maybe I'll post on that this weekend).

So that's what I'm doing, revising, learning, learning about my characters, learning to plan ahead and learning skills which will help me when an editor says "I want to buy your book, but we need to make a few changes."

Is there anything you're learning right now? Care to share?

Check out F.A.I.T.H.

It's my day to post on F.A.I.T.H.
I'm posting about being busy. If you're not too busy, go on over and check it out.
Have a great Monday!

Happy Birthday Dad

A GREAT BIG Happy Birthday wish goes out to my Dad today!!
Have a great day!!

Remember--"This is the day that the Lord hath made
I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Go on over to the F.A.I.T.H. blog to find out what I'm saying about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
Oh, yeah.........Have a great week!!!

Day Three Winner

Congratulations to the winner of day three............


I'll be mailing the CD's out next week.

Thanks to everyone who shared their wedding stories. It was fun. And day three stories were fabulous. Read them now if you haven't already.

Thanks again.

Untravelled Road Band Contest--Day Three

Congratulations to Wendy!

She won the Untravelled Road Band CD from day 2.

Now for the last and final sentence.

The most unusual thing I've ever seen happen at a wedding was.....................

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Day Two Winner!!

The name of the day 2 winner which was drawn out of the pink and green polka dotted box is...............

Wendy!! (anonymous)

Thanks to all who participated. There is one more day, tomorrow, to comment and win.
So come back in the a.m. and we'll talk about unusual weddings.

Oh, yeah..My chocolate fountain story....

We were at the wedding where they had the chocolate fountain. They had everything to dip in this chocolate. They had these little cream puffs that were very good and my friend really liked them. She asked her husband to please get her another one.
Well, when he went over to do so, he passed the regular buffet, spotted a meatball and his wheels started turning. Yep, you guessed it. He dipped the meatball into the chocolate and when she bit into that thing....It got crazy from there!!!

YUK!!!!!!!!!Chocolate covered meatballs.

See you tomorrow.

Untravelled Road Contest--Day Two

Congratulations to Angie.
She won the Untravelled Road Band CD.

That was fun.

Now on to day 2's sentence.

The food at weddings is normally great. I remember one wedding they even had.......

Okay, let's talk about wedding food!!!!

Day One Winner

Oh---day one was fun!!

We had stolen money, confusion, a double wedding, an almost fire and a very loudly crying uncle. What fun stories. Go to the comment section to read about them if you haven't already.

Well, I put all the commenter's names in my pretty pink and green polka dotted box with the scalloped lid. (okay, sorry about going on and on about the cute box!)
Then I had my sweet hubby pull a name out.

The winner of the first CD is..........................

I'll have the CD's next week and will mail them at that time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun sentence.
Hint for tomorrow....our mouths will probably be watering by the end of the day.

See you then!!!!!!!!!

Contest---Untravelled Road Band Giveaway

Happy Memorial Day!! I want to give a big thank you to everyone and their families who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. You've made a tremendous sacrafice.
Thank you!!

This coming Saturday my cousin Jeff and his girl Judy are getting married. I'm sorry to say Lenny and I can't attend the wedding, but in honor of this fabulous event I'm having a three day contest. The prize?
Each day I'm giving away the CD titled "Live at RA Fountain." Jeff, Judy and Rex are the members of The Untravelled Road Band. The link is at the right. Check it out.

Here's how the contest works.
Each day I"ll post a sentence...but the sentence won't be finished. You finish the sentence in the comment box and your name will be in the drawing. Every night at 11:00 p.m. I'll pull a winner. Because the prize is the same every day, you can only win once, but keep commenting. I'm sure we'll have fun.

So here goes with today's sentence.

I'll never forget my wedding because........................

(and if you haven't had a wedding talk about any wedding!!)

Let's here those endings!!!!

Hello Ohio!!

Hi to all in Ohio who are having a fabulous time, I'm sure. Lenny and I are sorry we couldn't be there. We hope to see a lot of great pictures and hear the funny stories.
I'm sure the weather is cooperating. Down here in Georgia, it's hot, sunny and not a hint of rain in sight. Which probably isn't a good thing, because we need rain.
I can't find green leaf lettuce at the grocery and I'm sure it has something to do with the drought.
So we in the South are praying for rain. They say maybe next week--Wed or Fri someone told me?
Anyway, now I'm getting way off the topic.
So again-----Hello to all in Ohio. If anyone from the reunion reads this today and can email a photo, I"ll post it on here. We'll have kind of an interactive reunion!!

Miss all!!!


Thank You

First of all, come check out the cool cat pictures Angie has on our F.A.I.T.H blog. They are worth looking at. (And the post is really good, too!!)

I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes I forget that. I'm too busy wallowing around in what's not going right to be appreciative of what is going right. I've been working on this aspect of my life and am trying to change. But it's hard changing a thought process you've had most of your life.
But God is huge. He can do it.

So, I'm sending out a huge thank you to God.
What about you? Do you sometimes feel like you're focusing on the wrong things? The wrong thoughts?
I'm certainly not wishing that on anyone, but I hope I'm not alone.

Will be back soon---Promise!!

I'm posting on F.A.I.T.H. today. Have a great week.
Life is way busy right now. I"ll be back posting regularly soon. I promise!
And happy birthday Joanne!!!

Fun Contest Week on F.A.I.T.H.

Scoot on over to F.A.I.T.H. where we're having a fun contest week. A nice purse stuffed with goodies is the prize. Leave a comment to win.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romancing the MIssion

Mission trips? Sounds exciting doesn't it.

Check out F.A.I.T.H. to learn more.

Have a great Monday!

Word Counts-Nowhere to Go But Up

Yes, the word count for TCSNK (The Claire She Never Knew) is slowly going up. But slowly going up is better than not going up at all!
I'm going to set my finish date at July 15th for now. I promise to update the word meter at least every night that I write.
So watch, see if I'm going to make it.
Any encouragement is helpful.
And Missy----aren't you in the same position I am? You have a book at least a third of the way written? See what your finishing target date might be. Maybe we can have a contest together regarding finishing dates.
Thanks for all the support.
Remember, for the most part, writing is a solitary job!

Monday--F.A.I.T.H. post day-Contest-and Word Accountability

Posting on F.A.I.T.H. today!!! Check it out.
Have a great week!
Thanks again for a great contest last week. We'll do it again soon. The next contest will have to do with the Untravelled Road Band. Check out their link at the right of this post. They are an awesome band---I'm going to give away CD's of theirs.

Stay tuned for details. But look for the Untravelled Contest toward the end of May.

Now I do need some help.
See the meter on the right of this post? The Claire She Never Knew? See the word count?
It needs to go up every day. EVERY DAY! Even if it's one word. So, who's going to keep me accountable?
Please check back here every day and make sure it goes up. If it doesn't, comment and let me have it for not writing that day.
How about it?


Congratulations to Jill whose name was drawn out of the hat for the earrings. Thanks to everyone for participating!!

I'll have another contest in the summer!

Sappy Love Poem

Thanks to all for playing and helping me write a sappy love poem for my hubby. Today is our anniversary and I'll print the poem up and give it to him.

The winning last lines were chosen because I put everyone's name in a hat who participated that day. I just randomly picked them....So Wednesday's winner was Angie, Thursday's was Jill and Friday's was Angie again.
Yeah Angie---two chances to win the very cool earrings. (Which I will post later today!)

I remember the night that we first met,
the gaze in your eyes, I'll never forget.
Warm and bright, deep and wild,
The entire world spun within your smile.

The cool breeze blew making the night turn cold,
But the love I was feeling burned my soul.
Like a fire in the night
To keep me warm all the days of my life.

Seven years later we are still in love,
Shining bright as the light from up above.
I'm so glad I found you,
living out together God's holy cue.

There it is. The Sappy Love Poem I'll print out for my hubby.
Then Angie and Jill's names will go in a hat and I'll let him pick the cool earrings winner.

Thanks again. I had fun I hope you did too!

Sappy Love Poem contest--Final Day

Hi all!!! Thanks to everyone who has participated! This has been fun. Only one more day and here we go!

Here's how our poem shapes up so far.

I remember the night that we first met,
the gaze in your eyes, I'll never forget.
Warm and bright, deep and wild,
The entire world spun within your smile.

The cool breeze blew making the night turn cold,
But the love I was feeling burned my soul.
Like a fire in the night
To keep me warm all the days of my life.

Here's stanza three. Remember 10,10,6,10

Seven years later we are still in love,
Shining bright as the light from up above.
I'm so glad I found you,

Here it is. The last stanza!!!!

Fill in that last line.
Have fun--and remember 10 meters.

Sappy Love Poem Contest-Day 2 Winner

Congratulations to Jill. The second stanza winner.

Your name goes in the drawing for the very cool earrings.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final day.

Thanks for joining in!!

Sappy Love Poem Contest---Day 2

Congratulations to Angie the day 1 winner. Your name is in the drawing for a very cool pair of earrings.

Okay, Angie---you've made this challenging. I stuck with your 10 10 6 meter so now the challenge is write the last line---10 meters.

The contest is open.........

Come and play to get your name in the drawing with Angie....

Let's review the first stanza so you can get a feel.

I remember the night that we first met,
the gaze in your eyes, I'll never forget.
Warm and bright, deep and wild,
The entire world spun within your smile.

The cool breeze blew making the night turn cold,
But the love I was feeling burned my soul.
Like a fire in the night

Oh, yes. You can have fun with this one.
Thanks again for playing.

Day 1 Winner-Sappy Love Poem Contest

Hi all,

Here is the winner from day one.
Tune in tomorrow for more fun on stanza 2.
And remember if you post anonymous, you have to sign a name or you can't be the winner because I don't know who you are. I do have an anonymous poster that posts alot cousin Wendy---so speak up, sign your name.

Angie is the winning line contributor.

And since Angie seems to have taken a poetry class....and her name was picked out of the box by my hubby.....I think God was speaking to me to step it up a notch..We are going by Angie's 10,10,6,10 meter for tomorrow.

Check back early am and get the next three lines.

Thanks to all for commenting and I look forward to more fun tomorrow.

Sappy Love Poem Contest--Come and have fun!!

Okay all.

This coming Saturday is my wedding anniversary. I really want to tell my guy how much I love him. But I'm having a hard time.
You see, I can't write poetry.
This is where the fun begins.
I'm going to write 3 lines of a poem. All you have to do is write the last line.
I'll put up a different stanza tomorrow and Friday and by Saturday we'll have a great sappy love poem to give my guy.

Anyone who leaves a last line in the comments section will go into the drawing. At the end of each day, I'll randomly draw a winner. Their last line will go on the sappy love poem for that day and their name will go into a drawing for an awesome pair of earrings to be given away on Saturday--my anniversary.

Now the thing is, I'm not thinking of these stanzas ahead of time. I'm winging it just like you are.

Here we go....
The first stanza of the Sappy Love Poem-----

I remember the night that we first met,
I gazed into your eyes.
I knew right then I'd never forget

Okay---what will I never forget?

Go to the comments section and add the last line. Have fun. I'll post the winner at 11:00 tonight, then tune in tomorrow for stanza 2.

Upcoming Contest--Be sure to enter

Posting on F.A.I.T.H. today. Come on over and check it out.
Contest this week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Winner will be announced Saturday, April 21st! My anniversary.
So come back and check it out Wednesday.


Snow in Ohio? Yes. April and the forcast in Ashtabula, Ohio is snow.....Cousin Wendy-come move to Georgia. Okay, we're not having a heat wave but our weather next week is in the 60's and 70's. You are having snow.
I think it's crazy. I do love all my family in Ohio, but boy am I glad I live in the good old south.
What about you? Where do you live and do you like your weather? If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

My choice----those who know me best know the answer is.....

Seattle, Washington.

How about you?

Reading, Writing, and Emotions

As many of you know I LOVE to read. Love it! I have read so many good books over the years. We moved to our house a couple of years ago and are just now ready to start finishing our basement. There is a room that is going to be a library. I can't wait to unpack all my books and put them on the shelves. I LOVE books. Which is probably one reason I became a writer.
And speaking of me being a writer I have good news. My mother read my book, Girl in Waiting. She's had it for a while and now has read it.
She said she liked it (well, she is my mother!!). She even said she shed a tear or two.
Thanks, Mom!!!
What books have you read that have had you shedding a tear, laughing out loud, rooting for a character?

Home and Contest Info

Today's Monday and I'm posting on the F.A.I.T.H. blog today. Check it out. It's about missing the simple things while being away from home alot.
I have an anniversary coming up and so we're going to have a contest here on the blog.
Stay tuned for details next week.
I'll be back on my posting schedule now Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Yeah for being home!!
As Dorothy said.....There's no place like home!

Good Monday!!

Good Monday! I"m posting on F.A.I.T.H. today. Check it out.
I"m out of town again this week. Hopefully next week I'll get back on a schedule.

Little blessings---big fun!!!

Another week gone by without posting. Time surely flies. I have been here, there, everywhere I think!!
But starting today, my husband and I have the privilege of being Gigi and Papa all weekend. Our little granddaughter Allison is here making our lives exist with nothing but smiles.
She's beautiful, sweet and sooooo much fun.
We have been looking forward to this weekend for a while.
Ally and I went grocery shopping and we visited Aunt Nenna (Brenna) at Belks.
Then we went home for dinner, bath, storytime and bed.
So many prayers have been answered this week for me. God is indeed good and he blesses us in so many ways. Having the little girl around is just one of those ways.
How has God blessed you?

Uranium and Me--Not a Good Mix

USA Today---Friday March 16th page 11A

Tennessee:Oak Ridge- A small fire at a U.S. Energy Department plant that makes nuclear weapons was extinguished with no injuries, and no damage to the plant, a spokesman said. The fire at the Y-12 plant began when uranium chips spontaneously ignited, said Bill Wilburn, a spokesman for the government contractor BWXT. He said the fire was quickly put out.

You may be wondering why I posted this article. Well, I was there, in Oak Ridge the day the of the fire. (Which was actually on Thursday). I was at our new Nissan dealership working in the office when someone came into the office and asked if we were listening to the news. We said no and she proceeded to tell us about the fire but added that we were to be prepared to evacuate.

Joanne and I had talked about the siren testing they do on the first Wednesday of every month, but truly evacuate? Coby, who sits next to me said "I've lived here close to 40 years and never had to evacuate."
It figures, I said, I've been here 8 days and off we go!!!

I panicked. Yes, I did. I told Joanne we needed to leave. She said we would have to go by the hotel and get our things. I told her those things weren't important we just needed to get on 75 and go North. (Y-12 is south).
Needless to say, all was well and we didn't have to evacuate, but this gave me a new perspective to Oak Ridge. It's a beautiful town. But it does have it's dangers.

Uranium fires.

What about you? Do you think you would have wanted to leave asap?


Earlier this evening I was watching the Passion DVD title Glorious. What an awesome DVD. Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, Matt Redmon and well, of course, my absolute fav ever, David Crowder.
I'm read a daily devotional by Andrew Murray. March is all about the Secret of the Cross. What a true sacrifice Jesus made for us. For all of us. Everyday I'm blown away by the ultimate love our Father has for us. What He has done for us because he is glorious.
Never, ever, ever forget you are truly loved by God. He and only He has given you the best gift ever, Jesus, and only He loves us unconditionally.
After all, He made us----let's glorify Him.

For Writers

This is a reminder to all writers out there.
Be true to your voice.
Don't, absolutely don't let anyone write your voice out of your story. There are aspects to learn, sentence structure, POV, believable dialogue, plotting. The basics. But the one thing about writing that you and only you have is your voice.
The rules are made to be broken. Not everyone has to write by the same set of rules. If we did, all books would be the same and no one would keep reading and buying.
So, find your voice, have great characters and a great plot.


I'm out of town this week. I hope I have internet access. If not, I'll be back Saturday morning.
But I am posting on F.A.I.T.H. today.
One of our F.A.I.T.H. ladies is going through a really rough time right now. I can't say too much, want to wait until she's back with us, but if you feel led, please pray for peace for our Angie. She's an incredible lady whose heart is so big.

I'm praying for you and your family. God knows what a powerful servant you are. He will bring the peace and comfort you're looking for.

Strange how we can miss emails. Conversing over the web deepens relationships, friendships and such. I miss seeing her name in my inbox, her comments on my blog as well as the F.A.I.T.H. blog.

Angie----can't wait to have you back.
Peace be with you.


The message of the week for me seems to be about missions. Spreading the word of God. I listened to a fabulous talk last night on a DVD I recently purchased. It was the Passion Glorious DVD. They had a talk on there done by Beth Moore. She spoke on taking the Word in but not doing anything with it. Her message was clear. Do not let the Word of God sit in you and be unproductive. Sow the seed. Talk, do. Put into action what God puts on your heart.
Our Pastor Ash McEuen and his family are doing just that. They are leaving us this June on a 5 year mission to Peru. I"ve got a link to their sight. They are calling their mission Open Circle of Peru. Their circle is open so we can all join in with them. Whether it's by helping to support them financially, prayerfully, or however we can.
They are indeed sowing God's word.
I haven't sowed too much this week. I'm going to work on that. What about you? Have you sowed what you've learned? If so, tell me about it.


The Dream

To the right of this post is a word meter. I"ve got a new book idea and it absolutely won't leave me alone, so I"m going with it. Watch the meter. I started the book yesterday and have 1600 words. So I will update each weekend. I've titled the book Summer Dream, which may or may not stick. I"ll see how it goes.
So pray that I"m on the right track with this story. It's fun, sad, and is writing itself all day long as I'm at my day job.
So, time to TIVO all Idol episodes, Grease episodes and watch them in half the time.
Here I go on another wild journey.

Stay with me, please?

In The Beginning

I am such a people person. I LOVE people. I love interacting with them, talking, and creating.
Yes. Creating people. Otherwise known as characters. There's been a recent media frenzy that has inspired a storyline in my brain. It will not leave me alone. (I think this happens a lot to writers.)
One time there was a photo of a journalist in the paper. I saved it because he looked like someone I would like to write about. I was in church one Sunday and sat behind the "perfect" family. Oops! Story idea. What if someone came and ripped away everything they believed in.
You never know what will be an inspiration. The beginning of a 400 page novel.
Now some of these inklings go nowhere. There is a lot of tension in the beginning idea itself, but then nothing really happens to move the story forward. But it's fun imagining.
How about you? Where do your story ideas come from. And if you're not a writer, what type of beginnings do you like? What catches your attention?

Venezuela For Christ

What comes to mind when you hear that word.
How about that? Different with the s?
Matthew 28 gave us all the great commission-
Matthew 28:19-20
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age."

We all have a responsibility to spread the word of Jesus.

There is an organization Venezuela For Christ that is doing just that. They are providing seminary training for pastors in Venezuela. Someone had a vision, and this is where it has led.
Missions are all around us. They are in our own family, our neighborhood, our community, our county, our state, our country, our world.
See how they expanded?
Each one of those areas need something. Whether it be material things, spiritual guidance or just an ear to listen.
We are all created different to do different things. You may sign up to head an organization that will collect clothing items for those in need. If the person living next door did the same thing, great. There will be a lot of clothing to be had by all. If the lady who lived two doors down collected clothing well, you're on your way to making sure everyone has something to wear.
But we all can't do the same thing.
Not all of us are going to go global in our commission. People are needed locally as well.
So how about you? Do you have a mission? A way to reach out?

Remember, when much is given, much is expected in return. (I know a lot of people have said that, but I"m going to give the credit to Beth Moore-cause I heard it from her first.)

Write From Your Heart-Part 3- (Late)

Yes, this post was supposed to be posted on Saturday, but it didn't happen. So I thought, better late than never, right?
The third and final part of my Write From Your Heart deals with passion. Not the kind of passion where there is a man and woman on the front cover barely wearing anything.
I'm talking the kind of passion that burns in your heart. The passion that is a part of you being a writer. Because without the passion, I don't know if it will happen.
Not everyone can write a book. If you're a writer, and you tell people you're a writer, how many people say, "Oh, I've thought about writing a book."
The truth is, very few people who start out to write a book ever finish one.
So if you have-congratulations. You have just won half the battle.
Passion is the thing inside of you that's going to sit your rear in the chair while others are watching the television, sitting outside, reading a book. Or sleeping, maybe.
Passion is the excitement of having one of your characters surprise you as you type and being thrilled about it.
Passion is the you inside that has a story that won't leave you alone.
Draw on this passion. It will sustain you.

Don't forget, I"m the Monday blogger on the F.A.I.T.H. blog today.

Write From Your Heart Part 2

Ahhh...The one word whose meaning and comprehension seems to elude all new writers. Of course some have their voice, they just don't know it. Others, like me, have to write a long time to figure it out. This is just a short snippet on voice. Talking about it can take days, weeks, maybe.
But the best way to define voice is when you're loving, I mean absolutely loving writing your story and people love, I mean absolutely, love reading it. When you find your voice the story seems to spin itself into existence. Really, it does.
Finding your voice means you have a tone to your story that clicks with you. All stories need all emotions of course, but usually stories have the main tone, focus to them.
Don't fight your voice. Go with it. Love it. Be it.
If you're a writer have you found your voice?
If you're a reader who are your favorite authors?
Join me Saturday when we'll wrap up Write From Your Heart.

Write From Your Heart--Part 1

What do we love? What are our passions? What interests us above all?
These are the things we should be writing about. The situations that are dear to our heart, soul and mind are what will inspire us to dig deeper, be bold and go where no one else has gone before. Because what's in your heart is yours and no one elses.
Don't worry about what's hot right now. It won't be hot by the time you finish and submit. The market changes-your heart doesn't.
Think of your favorite writer. The one who when their books come out you just pick them up, regardless of cover or back story blurb. Chances are you know what you're going to read, in a way. A good way. You don't know the story yet, but you know what type of read you will have.
And chances are you won't be disappointed.
That's because the writer is true to themselves. They write from their heart. You can feel it.
If you're a reader, tell me about the books you like.
If you're a writer, tell me about the books you like to write.
On Thursday I'll be talking about voice. What it is and why it's so important.
PS-Click over to our F.A.I.T.H blog and check out our guest blogger Jane Myers Perrine. She's talking about the faith element in our story.

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