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From Chocolate to Coffee

Well, we started the week chatting about chocolate, but there is another subject, that people are just as passionate about.


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People who love their coffee, love their coffee! And sometimes, it's only a certain type of coffee.

Personally, I like strong coffee. Not sure why. But I do like it strong.

Lately, I've been sweetening just a little with Agave and Vanilla Soy Milk. Okay, don't go crazy on me. It truly gives my coffee a great taste.

We just recently bought a Keurig, and the Starbucks is pretty pricey, so I've been going with a less expensive coffee. But when I make a pot of coffee, because we did not ditch out coffee maker, it's Starbucks Cafe Verona every time. I love that stuff!!

What about you? Coffee lover? Picky coffee lover?

Chocolate Confession-What's Your Chocolate Blog Hop

So glad to be a part of the 'What's Your Chocolate?' Blogfest.

Confession  time.

I didn't used to be a chocolate person. Give me fruity hard candy over chocolate any day. But well, things change, we change, tastes change.

And mine changed when I found dark chocolate!

Doves Dark Chocolate to be exact.

O.M. I love to buy a bag of the pieces and keep it in the fridge for whenever I want a piece. So yummy, good and not too sweet!

So there you have my chocolate confession.

What's yours?

Click here for a list of Blog Hop Participants! Join the Fun!

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