Devon Park Novellas

Single Dad Next Door-A Devon Park Novella Collection

Single Dad Next Door-A Devon Park Novella Collection

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Welcome to Devon Park, a small Ohio town where family and friends love and care for each other. This collection of novellas follows four single dads who are navigating life as best as they can. At first, William is wary of Joelle in One Autumn Love. In One Winter Kiss, Andrew doesn’t understand his neighbor’s granddaughter, Deena, as she appears to have a problem with her grandfather getting married. One Spring Promise finds Charlie seeking the help of his new neighbor, Tess. And in One Summer Sunset, Trey has to entrust the most important person in his life to Evee. Will hearts shatter as lives are changed, or will love prevail over all obstacles?

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One Autumn Love

After her mother passed away, Joelle Madison recently moved into her mother’s house to find William Scott moving in next door. The handsome neighbor has good looks and brawn. He also has a daughter, Caroline. Joelle already tried dating one man with children and swore she would never invest herself into a family situation again. But William’s secrets and past quickly involve Joelle into his life. A life she finds she might fit into if she dares to risk her heart once again.
After having her heart broken, Joelle swore she would never date a man with a child again, but when William and his daughter, Caroline, move in next door, Joelle quickly learns to never say never.

One Winter Kiss

Deena Ross travels to Ohio to try and sway her grandfather from making a big mistake, a mistake his neighbor Andrew has been encouraging. When a winter storm hits, and Deena is forced to stay with Andrew and his young son, Evan, Deena's vision of love is tested and she might lose her heart in one winter kiss.

One Spring Promise

Tess Parker moved from Florida to Ohio for a new start. But the day she moved into her new home, handsome neighbor, Charlie Denver and his teenaged daughter, Renee, brought back memories she tried to forget. Was Tess too busy running from her past to see that a future with Charlie might slip away? Or would Charlie be able to show Tess what real love looked like.

Evee Norris has suffered enough heartbreak. She was a nanny to a famous couple who perished in a small plane crash. Their son, Harlan, was stripped from Evee and she swears she’s never going to put herself in that position again. She moves to a small town in Ohio, where she will soon start her job as an administrative assistant. But when the handsome firefighter Trey Sanders who lives next door is in need of a nanny for three days, Evee finds herself saying yes to the temporary position. Evee is so concerned with losing her heart to the baby, Henry, the fact that she’s fallen for Trey sneaks up on her without warming. Will Evee be able to maintain her distance, or will love take hold of her and not let go.

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