New Ideas

One of my favorite parts of writing, besides writing 'The End' when I'm finished with a novel is coming up with the ideas for a novel. Then, when I get the ideas it usually takes a little time and tweaking to flesh them out enough for me to write. After I write about 3 chapters I'm usually in 'the zone' for that novel, and can somewhat plan a little bit more of it.
I do have to know the ending before I start. But of course it's a happy ending. Nothing else will do!
So, this morning, I've been working away and I've come up with almost everything I need for a 3 book proposal. I have one more item I'm working on, and I will be thinking on that today. With any luck that one part will come to me and I can jot it down. :)
Then I have all I need to keep working on my series.

There's so many things I love about the writing process--what about you?

Lindi P.
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning

Gems of Wisdom-Book Launch

Today I'm honored to share with you a debut release Gems of Wisdom. Author Angela Breidenbach show how to improve interpersonal skills for better relationships. The book uses gems as memory anchors.

Angela also partnered with Pamba Toto to design a line of jewelry which in turn helps orphans through Hope's Promise Orphan Ministries.

I asked Angela why she wrote Gems of Wisdom. This is what she told me:

I believe it's a part of the ministry God called me to. He didn't make a mistake when he gave me to my mom, the experiences I've lived, and my intense desire to gain wisdom. Writing Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life is about how I can help other people with what I've learned.

I had the pleasure of taking an online class of Gems of Wisdom with Angela. The study was very detailed, powerful, and helpful. You see, you can tell when you're being presented with 'information' and you can tell when you're being presented what I like to call 'heartmation.' Yes, I made the word up, but it's info from the heart. It's not just head knowledge, it's heart knowledge. And Angela's book comes from her heart written with a heart to help others overcome obstacles she herself, along with most of us, have been through. The Lord has gifted Angela with the ability to teach in a caring and loving manner.

Gems of Wisdom is available here. and here.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! The weather here in Georgia is wonderful today. Hope where ever you are and whatever you do is filled with sunshine and joy!

Make sure you stop by tomorrow. Angie Briedenbach will be our guest!
So, my hubby and I took the grandkids to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway this past Saturday. We bought tickets in advance and had the day planned. Friday night I tried to be proactive. I tried to charge the camera battery. I mean, what good grandparent doesn't take pictures on a day trip with the grandkids? Especially when you've going to a very cool and scenic place.
I looked at looked and couldn't find the charger. My hubby got home around midnight from an out of town business trip and I told him about not being able to find the charger.

Hubby: "When did you use it last?"
Me: "Can't remember."
Hubby: "You really need to have a spot where you put all those types of things."
Me: "I do have a spot. It wasn't there."
Hubby--giving me a funny look: "Well, then you must not have put it back. I think I remember you calling me recently and asking me to bring it to you, but then you said you already had it."
Me: "Hmm."

I mean really--what do you say to that? It's Sunday night and I still can't find it. I would show you the picture we had to pay $10 bucks for because we were at the mercy of the Scenic Railway people--you know, because we didn't TAKE our camera, but I gave it to the grandkids to take home. A souvenir.

But can you picture this?
The train.

these two cute kids

and me and my hubby on the train.

I really need to work at being a better grandma!

New Book Now Available-Their Surprise Second Chance!

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