Just wanted to say I'm the F.A.I.T.H blogger today. Check it out here .

The Grand Prize!!

Hi all! We're wrapping up our contest week today. We've had fun. Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue to come back.
There were quite a few names in the drawing, but the winner is..........


Darrell is the winner of six books, beginning now in January. He will be receiving Fatal Image this month, And next month he'll receive Little Girl Lost, by Shirley McCoy...this is the start of a great six book series.

So thanks again to all..I hope you had a fun week!!

I know I did.

And Tiffany, Monday's winner and Donita please email me your addresses so I can ship your books next week. beliindapeterson@tds.net---put something about the contest in the subject line.

The Last Question

Okay, all. Today is the last question.....Thanks for visiting and having a fun week! We'll do it again, I promise!
Congrats to Buckwheat who won the Passion CD yesterday. Due to unavailibility she will get Passion98----Sacred Revolution was gone!!!

So today the last question is....

Christy LaShea Smith posted Friday.....At the end of her post she left us with a scripture...
Name the book---chapter and verse.

Okay, the hunt is on!!

Thanks again for participating and don't forget to check back here tomorrow morning to see who won the grand prize. The Stoneley Series.

Oh---I forgot to tell you the prize today!! It's The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist. Awesome book!

The State Question

Hi all! Thanks for posting yesterday and congrats to Tiffany Gleason for winning the Passion CD.

Today's question is......

Mindy O. was away from her Texas soil earlier this month. And she was in my very favorite state in the whole United States.

What state?

The prize to day is another Passion CD. Sacred Revolution. Another awesome cd put out by the fabulous bands and artists that make up Passion.

Okay friends.....let's make some noise today!!

One more give-away tomorrow before the Grand Prize announcement on Sunday. So there's only today and tomorrow to get your comments in and your name in the hat one more time.

Good luck!!

The Famous Person Question

Hi all!!! We are having a fun week. We'll have to do this again soon. I"m excited to see who's going to win the Grand Prize on Sunday. We have quite a few names in the drawing....Even a cat!!! (I said everyone who posted, didn't I?)
And congrats to Kay who won Where the Heart Is by Cindy Woodsmall.

So the Famous Person Question for today is.....

What famous NASCAR driver did Jennifer Taylor's brother-in-law go to high school with?

Remember all answers are found on the F.A.I.T.H blog.

Today's winner will receive a CD....Passion-Our Love is Loud. Awesome CD.

So come on ladies, gents, cats......let's start Thursday being Loud!!!

The Marriage Question

Thanks for all who participated in day one. Are we having fun yet?
I hope so.

Day 2 book giveaway is another Steeple Hill Love Inspired book. This one is by Margaret Daley, titled A Mother for Cindy. It'a part of her Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Series and is a really good read.

So the question for day 2 is......

How long as Christy LaShea Smith been married?

First correct answer wins the book!!

And keep those comments coming.

The GRANDEST prize

Tomorrow starts the launch of my first-ever contest week. Come and see what's going on daily, then tune in next Sunday to see who is the recipient of the "Grand Prize."

Before I spill the beans (cliche) on what the "Grand Prize" is I just want to give praise to Jesus for giving us an example to live by to actually win the GRANDEST prize of all.
Life eternal.

On a much smaller scale I'm giving away a "Grand Prize" next Sunday. Anyone who posts a comment on the blog from Monday morning Jan 22 through Saturday night Jan 27th will be eligible. You can be entered as many as six times, once a day. If you only make one comment all week you'll only be entered once. (Don't be that person!)

And what will you win you ask?

The Secrets of Stoneley series from Steeple Hill Romantic Suspense. The first book is out this month. Fatal Image by Lenora Worth. (We all know what an awesome writer Lenora is.) There are six books in the series, and I will buy each of them when they come out and send it to the winner every month.

With that said, thank you for visiting, hope you come back, and don't forget to visit our F.A.I.T.H blog for the answers to the questions this week.


Think of life as a great big puzzle. You know how you try and fit a piece you think will fit into the spot and you push and manuver and it just doesn't go? I think that's how we are with God. Sometimes, we just want to make our own way, and it just doesn't work.
But then, ah, there are those pieces that just fit right in. No conflict, no manuvering, just a slip and they're in place. Those are God's pieces.
And I met a piece of my life puzzle last week.
Hernando and his wife Annie.

I've been talking to Hernando on the phone for over 10 years at my job. He has always been so nice and awesome and when he found out my family and I were going to be in Fort Lauderdale we arranged to meet. We had a great dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We go to know each other, his wife is as incredible as he is. When he and Annie had to leave, my step-daughter Lisa looked at me and said "those are the nicest two people I have ever met in my life."
It's true. And I'm glad God chose them to be a part of my life.
They are one more piece of the incredible puzzle God has mapped out for me.
Here is a picture of all six of us.

Thanks Hernando and Annie for being the awesome people you are.

The Year of the Lord

Yeah....I don't know what that means. I only know it's true. And how do I know?
Picture this...Christmas Eve service at church..taking communion...praying at the altar.
A thought breaks into my mind.
This is the year of the Lord.
What? I think? The year of the Lord?
Strange. Shouldn't every year be the year of the Lord? Maybe this is the year of the Lord for me. Maybe I"m supposed to be doing something?

Questions....not sure what was going through my mind. But I finish praying and take my seat.

Fast forward twenty minutes. Service is over..people are wishing each other a Merry Christmas...I go up to Karen and Wendy who are having a conversation just in time to hear Wendy tell Karen....

Well, you know this is the year of the Lord.

I told Wendy about my altar experience and she says maybe the Lord is getting the members of our church in sync for something.
We're not sure what it meant, but trust me, it means something.
So for now, that's what I"m going on. Trust. Faith. Knowing.

The year of the Lord.
I'll keep you posted on how that unfold. Because I know it will.

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