It's almost September and do you know where your summer went? I'm not sure I do. Both of my children are back at college, the traffic is congested with the typical school buses and cars on the road.
Yes, summer is almost over.
But we can look at it a different way.
Fall is just beginning.
I love beginnings, don't you?
Full of promise, hope, expectations.
And hopefully cooler weather.
What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Walk, play an outdoor sport? How about raking leaves? I know everybody loves to do that, huh?
I've talked about the kids in Mexico. What a joy. But there were also adults who made our trip such a blessing. Below is Grace, Pastor Gonzalo's wife, and Laura, who was our interpreter when we did VBS. Both ladies have such a heart for God and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time with them.

here is Pastor Gonzalo with his sword of the spirit. As I mentioned before, we did VBS with the verses from Ephesians regarding the full armor of God. Everyone on our team signed the sword of the spirit and we gave it to Pastor Gonzalo.

This is Pastor Gonzalo, his wife Grace, and their son Marco. Pastor Gonzalo has an incredible story of how he came back to Mexico and had the idea for Pan de Vida. Through God, Pastor Gonzalo and his congregation are giving hope to the people in the surrounding areas. The whole atmosphere is something to be experienced. The love of God and the Holy Spirit are surrounding Pan de Vida in a mighty way.

There are more adults who were awesome to us. Stay tuned for their photos and stories.


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Kids R Us-Pan de Vida

One of the best parts of going to Mexico was the children. Here are a few photos of the children as we did VBS.

Our verses for VBS were from Ephesians 6:13-18.
They talk about putting on the full armor of God. Equipping ourselves daily with the protection we get from knowing God and his word. We have a helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of true, our shoes of peace, our sword of the spirit and our shield of faith. We had fun doing a skit, making shields of faith and tracing feet for the shoes of peace.
So, go, with the full armor of God for whatever you are doing this day.
And remember,
God is good--all the time!

In the beginning

Fairy tales start out Once upon a time....
Genesis starts out In the beginning....

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Work Day 1-Pan de Vida

So, here we are, ready to work. But our tile hasn't arrived yet. So we adjusted our plan and did some other things.

Here are Patti and Kay and June doing some painting.

Lenny, Casey and I were putting in windows.

After working we went to the hotel, changed and got ready for VBS. VBS was in a different neighborhood. Lots of kids came. We did singing, a skit, a craft and a snack. We had an interpreter. The kids enjoyed all parts of the VBS. So did we. Here are a few photos.

This is Erika. She's the daughter of Laura, our interpreter. Erika is also a tambourine girl at the church. I'll have more on them and their fabulous routines later.
What we did for craft: We traced their feet and they colored or stickered them. This referred to the shoes of peace in the armor of God scriptures we were teaching.
Day 2 and more VBS pictures coming soon.

Dreams on F.A.I.T.H.

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More on Pan de Vida tomorrow!

Arrival and food!!!!

Our drive started in Georgia Friday morning at about 9:30. We headed for Sulphur La. and arrived there, spent the night, got up early the next morning, headed for Houston, picked up June and made it to Laredo by 8:00 Saturday night. Two days worth of driving wrapped up in two sentences. How about that.
We headed to Mexico Sunday morning. The directions we had weren't quite what we needed when we go to Monterrey. But, by the grace of God, Kay's memory and some photo's we had of Pan de Vida, we managed to make it to the church before the service was over.

Here we are arriving at Pan de Vida.

Pictured below is some of the housing surrounding Pan de Vida. The culture there is very different from America. Their lifestyles are more relaxed, they don't seem to be in a hurry. A very drastic change from life here. The housing may be small and look not very appealing, but the people there are full of love and are very nice and friendly.

After church, we headed for some much needed lunch. I forget the name of the place but we ate kilos. I know that's not really spelled right, and there's more to the food, but trust me it was awesome and a lot of it. We had beans, tortillas, cheese dip kind of stuff, meet, pica sauce, green sauce and Joya!!

We are always smiling while we are eating. Yummy food!!!

Before we had gone to eat, Pastor Gonzalo had shown us the upstairs and what we would be working on.
Come back and see our works days, sweat photos and much more.

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