A Sale for a F.A.I.T.H. girl!!!

Our very own Jennifer Hudson Taylor has sold her first book!!!

Her manuscript Promised Blessings has been picked up by Abingdon Press and will be a spring 2010 release. I am thrilled for Jennifer. She's a great writer and now the world will get to know that too!

A big congratulations goes out to Jenn.

2 F.A.I.T.H. girls down.......

4 to go!!

I Do Not Pay $400 For a Haircut, but.....

I do get a great cut. (Since I wouldn't tell my cuz how much I spend on a cut, she thinks I spend $400!))
I don't spend that kind of money but I do LOVE Erik!! (He's my hair dude!) He and his wife are friends of my step-daughter and her hubby. I was always commenting on how great Lisa's hair looked so she gave me a gift certificate for my birthday almost three years ago and I'm still going.
Here's the lastest style Erik did for me.

And yes I know I don't look like Katie Holmes, (sigh) but the cut is very cute. It's also very short!!! But I"m up for a change and some bangs for a while.

So, what about you? Every do a drastic change to your hair? Love it or hate it?

Hair stories are fun to share!!!

Pink and Yellow--Summer Fading Into Fall.....

Laura chose pink flowers for her wedding and Brenna chose yellow. Such fun, bright colors and I'm glad we have the photos since summer is fading into fall. I love the cool weather, the sun shining when it's not sweaty hot.
Summer 2008 will be remembered by me as the summer of weddings.
How are you going to remember the summer of 2008? Any special things happen this summer?

New Book Now Available-Their Surprise Second Chance!

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