Excuses for why I didn't blog much in March and reasons why I plan to blog more in April

So I didn't post too much in March. March was a crazy month. Totally crazy. Work, not being home, combined with Lenny being out of town and me having to judge two writing contests, left me with much too little time.
April however is going to be different. The work situation is getting better, we don't have NASCAR races and bowling tournaments to attend. Lenny will not be leaving town for work. I'm not judging any contests. In fact, I think I'll enter a couple.
I have to get back to the writing. This story is jumping around in my head...shoot, the next story is already creating scenes in my head. What is a writer to do with so much stuff and so little time?
Make the most of the time she/he has. I know I have a lot more than some people. I had a dream last night that I finished my book. I also dreamed that we almost missed the boat on our trip we are taking in June, but let's hope that doesn't come to pass. That part of the dream was very stressful.
Not that it might interest everyone, but maybe I'll make April my posting on my progress month. Keeps me accountable anyway. But I'll have to throw in some fun stuff so non-writers don't get bored.
April, here we come!!

The Connection

Well, the Idol 12 are in. The only real surprise for me last night was Aysha--(I know I didn't spell her name right.)

I think it's a good top twelve. I still think there will be more boys than girls around in a few weeks.

This Idol contest makes me think of us writers who are trying to get published amidst a sea of thousands of people trying to be published. There are a lot of good writers. There are probably a lot of great writers. Just like the contestants on Idol....they are all great. But what makes them stand out? What makes them connect with the crowd? What makes them able to have people clapping at the end of the performance?

It's what they bring to each song. As writers we have our own personality and experiences we can bring to each book. No other author has our exact emotions to each situation. We have to bring ourselves to our work and dig deep to grab that connection with editors and agents to make them believe in what we are doing.

Which Idol's do you think connect with the audience most?

The Boyz Are Rockin'

The boyz were rockin' last night!! One of my new fav's David Cook---you gotta love that guy. Jason was awesome--most of them did a really good job. Isn't it amazing how the crowd cheers when Simon says "I loved it!"
That's his new phrase for the year I guess. Unless he's said it before and I never paid attention.
But I'll be like Simon about last night.


Girls, watch out.

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