Day Three Winner

Congratulations to the winner of day three............


I'll be mailing the CD's out next week.

Thanks to everyone who shared their wedding stories. It was fun. And day three stories were fabulous. Read them now if you haven't already.

Thanks again.

Untravelled Road Band Contest--Day Three

Congratulations to Wendy!

She won the Untravelled Road Band CD from day 2.

Now for the last and final sentence.

The most unusual thing I've ever seen happen at a wedding was.....................

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Day Two Winner!!

The name of the day 2 winner which was drawn out of the pink and green polka dotted box is...............

Wendy!! (anonymous)

Thanks to all who participated. There is one more day, tomorrow, to comment and win.
So come back in the a.m. and we'll talk about unusual weddings.

Oh, yeah..My chocolate fountain story....

We were at the wedding where they had the chocolate fountain. They had everything to dip in this chocolate. They had these little cream puffs that were very good and my friend really liked them. She asked her husband to please get her another one.
Well, when he went over to do so, he passed the regular buffet, spotted a meatball and his wheels started turning. Yep, you guessed it. He dipped the meatball into the chocolate and when she bit into that thing....It got crazy from there!!!

YUK!!!!!!!!!Chocolate covered meatballs.

See you tomorrow.

Untravelled Road Contest--Day Two

Congratulations to Angie.
She won the Untravelled Road Band CD.

That was fun.

Now on to day 2's sentence.

The food at weddings is normally great. I remember one wedding they even had.......

Okay, let's talk about wedding food!!!!

Day One Winner

Oh---day one was fun!!

We had stolen money, confusion, a double wedding, an almost fire and a very loudly crying uncle. What fun stories. Go to the comment section to read about them if you haven't already.

Well, I put all the commenter's names in my pretty pink and green polka dotted box with the scalloped lid. (okay, sorry about going on and on about the cute box!)
Then I had my sweet hubby pull a name out.

The winner of the first CD is..........................

I'll have the CD's next week and will mail them at that time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun sentence.
Hint for tomorrow....our mouths will probably be watering by the end of the day.

See you then!!!!!!!!!

Contest---Untravelled Road Band Giveaway

Happy Memorial Day!! I want to give a big thank you to everyone and their families who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. You've made a tremendous sacrafice.
Thank you!!

This coming Saturday my cousin Jeff and his girl Judy are getting married. I'm sorry to say Lenny and I can't attend the wedding, but in honor of this fabulous event I'm having a three day contest. The prize?
Each day I'm giving away the CD titled "Live at RA Fountain." Jeff, Judy and Rex are the members of The Untravelled Road Band. The link is at the right. Check it out.

Here's how the contest works.
Each day I"ll post a sentence...but the sentence won't be finished. You finish the sentence in the comment box and your name will be in the drawing. Every night at 11:00 p.m. I'll pull a winner. Because the prize is the same every day, you can only win once, but keep commenting. I'm sure we'll have fun.

So here goes with today's sentence.

I'll never forget my wedding because........................

(and if you haven't had a wedding talk about any wedding!!)

Let's here those endings!!!!

Hello Ohio!!

Hi to all in Ohio who are having a fabulous time, I'm sure. Lenny and I are sorry we couldn't be there. We hope to see a lot of great pictures and hear the funny stories.
I'm sure the weather is cooperating. Down here in Georgia, it's hot, sunny and not a hint of rain in sight. Which probably isn't a good thing, because we need rain.
I can't find green leaf lettuce at the grocery and I'm sure it has something to do with the drought.
So we in the South are praying for rain. They say maybe next week--Wed or Fri someone told me?
Anyway, now I'm getting way off the topic.
So again-----Hello to all in Ohio. If anyone from the reunion reads this today and can email a photo, I"ll post it on here. We'll have kind of an interactive reunion!!

Miss all!!!


Thank You

First of all, come check out the cool cat pictures Angie has on our F.A.I.T.H blog. They are worth looking at. (And the post is really good, too!!)

I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes I forget that. I'm too busy wallowing around in what's not going right to be appreciative of what is going right. I've been working on this aspect of my life and am trying to change. But it's hard changing a thought process you've had most of your life.
But God is huge. He can do it.

So, I'm sending out a huge thank you to God.
What about you? Do you sometimes feel like you're focusing on the wrong things? The wrong thoughts?
I'm certainly not wishing that on anyone, but I hope I'm not alone.

Will be back soon---Promise!!

I'm posting on F.A.I.T.H. today. Have a great week.
Life is way busy right now. I"ll be back posting regularly soon. I promise!
And happy birthday Joanne!!!

Fun Contest Week on F.A.I.T.H.

Scoot on over to F.A.I.T.H. where we're having a fun contest week. A nice purse stuffed with goodies is the prize. Leave a comment to win.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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