Pan de Vida---Bread of Life

Here is Pan de Vida. Bread of Life in spanish.
It's a church community center, and so much more. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Pan de Vida. Praise God.

They worship with a keyboard, guitars, a drummer and beautiful girls with tambourines. But it's not the instruments that make this worship, it's the people playing the instruments and the people in the congregation singing with their voices, full of joy for our Lord. It's what's inside these people that make their worship alive and wonderful and energetic. It's contagious.
Thursday night during the fiesta, we were dancing and singing and having the time of our lives. The memories of that times won't fade quickly I can assure you.

Next time I'll post some work pictures. Yes, we worked. I promise. (Focus, Kay. Focus.)

Until then......

What makes your worship come alive? A certain type of music, a place your heart gets to.....Let me know.

Back in Georgia

I'm back from Mexico. 3000 miles logged on the church van. Whoo! What a trip. This was my first mission trip and there is so much going on I can't begin to post it in one single post. I"m going to blog about it over the next couple of weeks with pictures and tales.
Traveling for nine days with 5 other people is a lot of fun. We all got along and trust me you need to get along to live together for that many days. The people in Mexico were fabulous and loving and genuine and they cook the most awesome food! I think I gained 5 pounds at least.

Here's a picture from a VBS we did one night.

The kids were great and they loved the crafts we did and the snack. They sang and listened to our Bible verse being read. All of this was of course happening in Spanish. But we somehow managed to communicate.

More photos and stories in the coming days.

Mexico and hello Brenna girl!!!

We are in Mexico and working hard, having fun and eating really awsesome food!

Brenna girl----Miss you much! Alex, miss you too!! (and everybody)

Wendy--how are things?

The country here is beautiful. There are mountains edging part of the city. The church we are at is called Pan de Vida--Bread of Life. It is so appropriate for this community. We got here in time for church on Sunday and it was an awesome service. The music was great, they all sing with such joy. We tried to sing although we didn{t know what we were singing. I could pick out a couple of words. But the spirit is here-Praise God.
VBS was incredible tonight. We did a skit, a craft and had a snack. The kids are so beautiful and so happy.

I cant wait to share the pictures. August will be Mexico Mission Recap. Photos for all to see.

I will try to check in again. It is hard to get on the computer. The hotel has two but they are busy and we are not here very much.

Brenna--again--miss you much my girl. I will call if I can, if not you will here from me Friday.

Love to all.

Mexico Mission Trip

Tomorrow we'll be headed to Mexico for our mission trip. Please keep our team in your prayers. We are Lindi, Lenny, Kay, Casey, Patty, and June. Thank you so much. I will post when we return and hopefully be able to share some awesome stories and pictures. This is my first mission outreach trip and I'm excited, nervous, unknowing but trusting. Trusting in Him whose word needs spreading. For we were commanded to make disciples of all nations......
Praise God!

Here is a link to the blog of the mission we are doing.
Pan de Vida Mission Blog

And the difference was..............

This is me and Carla Hughes. Carla won the Golden Heart for the Inspirational Category. I met Carla earlier in the week. I went up to her and introduced myself as second place. She looked at me when I said that so I explained that every time we finaled in a contest together she won first and I won second. We had a good laugh. What an awesome person to come in second place behind. I was thrilled she won the GH.

All dressed up!
Here is Missy, Janet, Cheryl and Terry. We had a great time at dinner.

I know one of the reasons I had such a great time at conference was because of who I surrounded myself with. I roomed with Missy--awesome lady---then the F.A.I.T.H girls Angie and Mindy of course are incredible. Debbie Guisti, Darlene Buccholz and Janet Dean I already knew and they are lovely ladies. Then I met such great people like Terry Weldon, Cheryl Wyatt, Debra Clopton, Allison Pittman, Kimberly Fish, Leigh Bale. I know there are others, it's late and my brain isn't working right. Oh, I also talked with Deeanne Gist whome I've met before through our mutual friend Meg, and I got to meet Tamara Alexander, a truly lovely lady.
So you see, surrounded by such Godly, humble, beautiful ladies as these, how could I have been anything but blessed.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who made my conference awesome.

Before leaving again.....

My, my how the time does fly!!!
I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. But I'm back from a great time in Dallas. I have a few pictures to share and will try to do so for a couple of days this week. I'm leaving Friday for a mission trip to Mexico. Please keep our team in your prayers.

Here is Missy being booted out of the Golden Network---a group for Golden Heart finalists...when you sell a book you get the boot!

And here's one of some friends--Janet, Debbie, Darlene and Debra-delightful, wonderful women I was blessed to spend my week with.

I'll try to post some more before we go to Mexico.

Adios, Amigos!!!

Sunday-RWA-and other things....

I love the Secrets of the Throne of Grace month Andrew Murray has prepared for July...but we'll take a break for today..actually I may be breaking of that for the next week.
I'll be in Dallas at RWA Nationals. I'll try to keep up with posting, but not sure about internet access. What that really means is I'm not sure if I can afford it! After all, Missy and I do splurge on room service coffee every morning. And that I've put into the budget.
It'll be a week of fun, learning and seeing old friends. Mindy, Angie, Virginia I can't wait to say hello in person.
But it is pretty exciting to be around so many writers. We know we all have something in common and you can pretty much start a conversation with anyone with the words, "What do you write?"
I do have an editor appt with Melissa Endlich. I"ll be practing that pitch with Missy on the airplane, or in the room or whereever I can. I've met her before but it's been a while. Missy has invited me to the Golden reception where the newly published get "the boot." I'll be cheering when they call her name.
Usually when I get home from this event I'm dog-tired and emotionally drained. But I can't be like that this year. I only have 4 days to prepare to go to Mexico for a mission trip.
So, check out F.A.I.T.H. tomorrow and check in the rest of the week to find out what's going on in Dallas.

Secret of the Throne of Grace-3

Daily In His Presence
July 7
The Lamb and the Spirit
Revelation 5:6

Andrew Murray says:
"Second, we learn that it is only through the Spirit that we shall understand the glory of the Lamb and be filled with His love, and so stand firm in the faith of that which He can do in us and for us and through us."

How true this is. He states towards the end of the devotional to take time and be quiet before the throne of the Lamb and enjoy His presence.
The more we know God, the more we can hear His voice to us and know what He's about and what He wants us to be about.
The Spirit of God is such a fascinating subject. How He gave us all this Spirit so we can have the full love He has planned for us. How having that Spirit will let us show that love to the world.
Go out this weekend and show God's love to all you meet.
After all, He's given it to us--and like everything else we have- it's His to begin with.

Secret of the Throne of Grace-2

Daily In His Presence
Andrew Murray
July 5th:

Remember much is given therefore much is expected. Are we doing our part to bring others to Jesus?

All are not called out of their countries to do mission work. We need people everywhere including in the US and wherever you live.
My former Pastor and his family have been called. They are going to Peru.
You can read about their journey so far by clicking here.
See what a wonderful trip they had in Brazil. You can also donate to the Mission Society on their behalf.

I want to be faithful. How about you?

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Everyone have a happy Independence Day! Celebrate fun-relax-and enjoy!

Secrets of the Throne of Grace-1

From Andrew Murray: Daily in His Presence
July 2nd:
Thank You Lord for the abundance of grace I receive from You every day.

The insights Andrew Murray offers are invaluable to me. I love reading his devotionals. He writes in a way I can understand (most of the time) and pours out his heart and devotion to God in a way that is inspiring to say the least.
In this devotional July is the "Secret of the Throne of Grace" month.
How awesome is it there is a Throne of Grace.
As I pour out my heart, thoughts and anguish to our Lord God, it is only by His grace that we are saved. I can hardly comprehend the concept. He loves us enough to forgive us.
I pray that I walk on the path that He leads. I pray that old ways die and His ways come to life.
And yes, Lord, I do thank You for the abundance of grace I receive from You every day.

Another Week

Another week has gone by. Literally. Gone by.
Also, another month----say goodbye to June and hello to July.

We in Georgia are in the droves of heat, occasional rain (Praise God!) and humidity. My hair is really big---it never used to do that. Now it stays in a pontytail much of the time.

We have a new pastor at our church. I really like him. He's given two sermons and I've enjoyed and needed them both. Thanks to the North Georgia conference for sending him.

Will try to post something relating to something this week.

Thanks for visiting.

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