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Here is a pic of our sweet dog Shadow. My hubby had Shadow before I met him. I always used to joke around and say the dog had seniority.
We had to put Shadow to sleep early last week. It was a very sad day in our house. She was over 16 years old and had a very good "doggy" life. We all miss her!!!
The kitty is walking around like "where's my buddy?"
Lenny's walking around like "where's my buddy?"
I"m walking around thinking "do I really miss the dog hair on the floor?" (She had very long hair!)
Pets are like part of the family and when they're gone it's like part of your life isn't quite the same.
For right now we're hanging out with the kitty and a couple of Macaws we are raising.
And of course we still have our blue and gold Chiquita and our lilac headed amazaon Lila. So we are not alone!! But it just isn't quite the same.

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