The Author Question

Hi all!! Congratulations to Tiffany and Wendy (anonymous) for being Monday and Tuesday's winners and keep posting each day to increase your chance for the Grand Prize.

Now is day three....and a new question.

Which one of the F.A.I.T.H. bloggers uses the tag line "God Uses Broken Vessels".

And today's winner will receive
Cindy Woodsmall's bestselling book When The Heart Cries.

Come one come all to post for today's prize as well as a chance to win the Stoneley Series from Steeple Hill.


Kay said...

Angela Briedenbaum! i hope I spelled her name right!

Kay said...

So sorry Angela, it's Breidenbach. Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Kay said!

It does seem that since you, Lindi, are one of that author's fav peeps, she could've signed it. ROFLOL!:-o)

Here's a question, if you saw author of said give-away book last night, why didn't she sign the book for you?

Anyone out there aside from Lindi know why?





I know, Marci will have an answer and she wasn't even in state. I'll send her over and see if she cares to answer that question.

Meg said...

Um...because the author ran out of books and didn't have one to sign??

I know the answer about the tagline, but I already own Cindy's book (signed!) so don't enter me in the drawing. :)

Lindi said...

Congrats to Kay who won Cindy's Where the Heart Cries!!!

And thanks for posting Cindy. (Anonymous!)

But since Kay is local, I'll get that book signed for her!!

Anonymous said...

Angela Breidenbach..........says Darrell

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a nut! I happen to know this as a fact, since she called at work to respond. :)

Reason said author did not sign said book was because she forgot. She is very sweet -- but easily sidetracked. :)

Good luck to the winner!

Anonymous said...

Angela Breidenbach says Cousin Wendy

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Kay.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Meg and Marci are right!!

I forgot about Meg's part to that answer.

Anonymous Marci is using the wrong terminology, although she answered the question correctly.

I prefer not to use the word forgot, I prefer the term misdirected.

Super anonymous!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Super Anonymous -
The beauty of forgetting or uh,hm, being misdirected, is that everything seems new again. And again.... and again...

Think of it as having multiple goldfish moments!

Cindy Woodsmall said...

Hi, guys,

Who's forgetting what?

I must have missed something. (wink)

It sounds like a few anonymous folk were a bit punch drunk, probably from being overworked.

That tends to lead to memory issues, too:-o)

Congrats, Kay!

God's peace ~


AngBreidenbach said...

Wow for Kay! I use that tag because we are all broken. God's great plan uses us in our weakness to show his strength. How amazing is that?!
Angie Breidenbach
PS Umm, Cousin Wendy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Angie ?

Anonymous said...

Opps, yes, Angela ?

Anonymous said...

Hello all, my name is Buckwheat.......purrr.........purrr.............purr.........and I think the answer is Angela Breidenbach. I also think that "Belinda" and all her buds should come and help my mom shovel snow.....they say we will have 2 feet by Friday morning, game anyone ??? She's out now shoveling about 6", dont you all feel bad ???

Lindi said...

Hi all,

You guys have been having great fun while I was working on 1099's....Yuk!!!

And Buckwheat!!!! Thanks for stopping by. Your name is in the drawing.....
I"m glad to see visitors. I have a special prize tomorrow....not a book, but something still special...
Tune in to see what it is!

I'll be back later tonight.
Meg, Cindy, Marci, Angie, Kay, Darrell, Wendy,
Thanks all for stopping by!!!

Lindi said...

Oh, and Cindy,
Kay wants her book autographed so I'll be bringing it to the Feb meeting.....
If I remember:)

Love you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you more !!! Sappy enough ??

Lindi said...

No anonymous!! I love you more!!

We have quite a few anonymous's here....

Love you!!

Anonymous said...


PLEASE understand that if you dont have a Google account, you can only post under anonymous..........I know, it even made Buckwheat mad, she wanted her own name.............

Missy Tippens said...

Wow! Busy day today!!

Well, it looks like the mystery is solved. Cindy both misdirected and also ran out of books. Man, Cindy, get your act together!

LOL! :)

And Angie is the owner of the mystery tagline. I love it, Angie.

Now, finally off to bed at 3 am!


Cindy Woodsmall said...

Missy, ROFLOL!!!

I cracked up laughing when I read your post. Me, get it together?

I know, I'll put that on my to-do list and you let me know if you see any shades of progress over this next year:-o)

Three A.M? Golly, Bob, Howdy! I hope you're able to rest today.

Oh, and I apologize to all the anonymous folks for hiding behind your name; it's fun to stay hidden even when one can post as themselves . . . I mean . . . myself.

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