Chronological Bible Reading Week 4

Here are the Bible readings for this week.

All week--read Genesis 37:1 through Genesis 46:34

My great friend Ciara Knight nominated me for the Stylish Blog award. Thank you, Ciara!!

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Okay, 7 things about me...

1. I just read Outlander and LOVED it! Historical fiction
always has been one of my favorite genres.

2. I am a NASCAR fan and this year I'm going to
root for Kevin Harvick. He's cute!

3. I am a cat person and have 2 cats. Jasper (named long before
the Twilight series) and Nessie, (named for the Twilight series.)

4. My favorite type of vacation is a cruise.

5. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

6. If there was one gift I wished I had it would be to
be able to sing--well.

7. Writing is my passion. I simply LOVE it.

Blogs I love---

1. Romancing The Palate. I love the idea of foodie romances--and there are great recipes here! And there's a contest with a really cool prize running right now through the 26th of January--hurry over!

2. Girly Girl by Kristin Billerbeck. Kristin makes me laugh! I love her posts. She doesn't pull punches--she tells it like it is! Love this blog.

3. Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. A great group of ladies, who if they aren't published they are on the verge. Awesome writing tips, great discussions--this blog has it all.

4. Christy LaShea. Love this blog! Christy is having a TTIN--The Time Is Now---challenge. She keeps us accountable--and motivated. Check this out!!

Chronological Bible Reading Week 3

Here are the Bible readings for week 3.
Jan 17-18, 19-20, 21-22, and 23-24 Genesis 25:1-36:43

Again, we're venturing into week 4, but that's okay. This week we continue with the book of Genesis.
Anything interesting from last week you'd like to discuss?

Chronological Bible Reading Week 2

Hi all!! I hope you are liking the pace of the 2 year plan. It gives a little more time for reflection, plus if you are doing another study there's time for that, also.
Here is the schedule for week 2.
(I'm going through Sunday the 16th-Sometimes, in the 2 year plan, they give 2 days to read a passage of scripture. That's what is happening this week.) But I'll still post the new schedule next Sunday.

Jan 9-10 Genesis 12:1-15:21
Jan 11-12 Genesis 16:1-20:18
Jan 13-14 Genesis 21:1-24:67
Jan 15-16 Same as Above (this is what I meant by the 2 day plan)

So this week, we'll read Genesis 12-24.

May God be revealing to you as you read.


Today is Saturday! And the weathermen and women are predicting snow here in Georgia for Sunday night into Monday morning. So we'll see how that goes. We've already had snow here at Christmas. For the first time since 1882 it snowed on Christmas Day. We had about 4 inches here in Ball Ground. It was a fun type of snow, one that you could drive in. Not sure about the one they are predicting.

Tomorrow I will be posting the Chronological Bible readings for the week.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Chronological Bible Reading

There's been some interest in reading the Bible chronologically. I'll post here every Sunday night the readings for the week. If anyone has a questions or just something they thought was interesting we can talk about it.
This is a 2 year schedule, so the readings are very doable with everyone's busy schedule. I know I'm late this week--I was on vacay!! But you can jump right in.
Jan 1-2 Genesis 1:1-4:26
Jan 3-4 Genesis 5:1-6:22
Jan 5,6,7,8 Genesis 7:1-11:32

So this week is Genesis 1-11:32

Will post next weeks schedule on Sunday.

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