Little blessings---big fun!!!

Another week gone by without posting. Time surely flies. I have been here, there, everywhere I think!!
But starting today, my husband and I have the privilege of being Gigi and Papa all weekend. Our little granddaughter Allison is here making our lives exist with nothing but smiles.
She's beautiful, sweet and sooooo much fun.
We have been looking forward to this weekend for a while.
Ally and I went grocery shopping and we visited Aunt Nenna (Brenna) at Belks.
Then we went home for dinner, bath, storytime and bed.
So many prayers have been answered this week for me. God is indeed good and he blesses us in so many ways. Having the little girl around is just one of those ways.
How has God blessed you?

Uranium and Me--Not a Good Mix

USA Today---Friday March 16th page 11A

Tennessee:Oak Ridge- A small fire at a U.S. Energy Department plant that makes nuclear weapons was extinguished with no injuries, and no damage to the plant, a spokesman said. The fire at the Y-12 plant began when uranium chips spontaneously ignited, said Bill Wilburn, a spokesman for the government contractor BWXT. He said the fire was quickly put out.

You may be wondering why I posted this article. Well, I was there, in Oak Ridge the day the of the fire. (Which was actually on Thursday). I was at our new Nissan dealership working in the office when someone came into the office and asked if we were listening to the news. We said no and she proceeded to tell us about the fire but added that we were to be prepared to evacuate.

Joanne and I had talked about the siren testing they do on the first Wednesday of every month, but truly evacuate? Coby, who sits next to me said "I've lived here close to 40 years and never had to evacuate."
It figures, I said, I've been here 8 days and off we go!!!

I panicked. Yes, I did. I told Joanne we needed to leave. She said we would have to go by the hotel and get our things. I told her those things weren't important we just needed to get on 75 and go North. (Y-12 is south).
Needless to say, all was well and we didn't have to evacuate, but this gave me a new perspective to Oak Ridge. It's a beautiful town. But it does have it's dangers.

Uranium fires.

What about you? Do you think you would have wanted to leave asap?


Earlier this evening I was watching the Passion DVD title Glorious. What an awesome DVD. Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, Matt Redmon and well, of course, my absolute fav ever, David Crowder.
I'm read a daily devotional by Andrew Murray. March is all about the Secret of the Cross. What a true sacrifice Jesus made for us. For all of us. Everyday I'm blown away by the ultimate love our Father has for us. What He has done for us because he is glorious.
Never, ever, ever forget you are truly loved by God. He and only He has given you the best gift ever, Jesus, and only He loves us unconditionally.
After all, He made us----let's glorify Him.

For Writers

This is a reminder to all writers out there.
Be true to your voice.
Don't, absolutely don't let anyone write your voice out of your story. There are aspects to learn, sentence structure, POV, believable dialogue, plotting. The basics. But the one thing about writing that you and only you have is your voice.
The rules are made to be broken. Not everyone has to write by the same set of rules. If we did, all books would be the same and no one would keep reading and buying.
So, find your voice, have great characters and a great plot.


I'm out of town this week. I hope I have internet access. If not, I'll be back Saturday morning.
But I am posting on F.A.I.T.H. today.
One of our F.A.I.T.H. ladies is going through a really rough time right now. I can't say too much, want to wait until she's back with us, but if you feel led, please pray for peace for our Angie. She's an incredible lady whose heart is so big.

I'm praying for you and your family. God knows what a powerful servant you are. He will bring the peace and comfort you're looking for.

Strange how we can miss emails. Conversing over the web deepens relationships, friendships and such. I miss seeing her name in my inbox, her comments on my blog as well as the F.A.I.T.H. blog.

Angie----can't wait to have you back.
Peace be with you.


The message of the week for me seems to be about missions. Spreading the word of God. I listened to a fabulous talk last night on a DVD I recently purchased. It was the Passion Glorious DVD. They had a talk on there done by Beth Moore. She spoke on taking the Word in but not doing anything with it. Her message was clear. Do not let the Word of God sit in you and be unproductive. Sow the seed. Talk, do. Put into action what God puts on your heart.
Our Pastor Ash McEuen and his family are doing just that. They are leaving us this June on a 5 year mission to Peru. I"ve got a link to their sight. They are calling their mission Open Circle of Peru. Their circle is open so we can all join in with them. Whether it's by helping to support them financially, prayerfully, or however we can.
They are indeed sowing God's word.
I haven't sowed too much this week. I'm going to work on that. What about you? Have you sowed what you've learned? If so, tell me about it.


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