Starting New Things Is Never Easy

But it doesn't have to be hard, either. I have started walking. Whoo-hoo!! I know to some of you this is no big deal. Walking? you ask? Phew! I walk every day.
But I never exercise. I can't stand the thought of the word. Every year when I go for my annual doc visit he asks the dreaded question---Are you excersing?
I just tell him "no, I'm not."
He doesn't say much. Some little speil about how beneficial it is, yadda, yadda, yadda. So you see, I have to start somewhere.
What about you? Do you exercise? If no, why not? If yes, please give me some encouraging words so I don't give up.

Happy Saturday!

Well August Is Almost Over......

And I haven't been very good at posting this month! I know, you don't want to hear about how life gets in the way, but trust me life gets in the way. Oh, what's so hard about sitting down and typing a few words now and then? That's what I thought. But trust me, sitting down before laying down to go to bed has been a struggle.
I've been to Florida twice (fun) and Tennessee twice (work) and am getting done with the last minute wedding details.
The good thing is I'm not stressing yet. I hope I don't. I mean, if all is well, why bother, right? I have a dress, but I"m going to look for another one. If I find one, great, if not I have one I like. Three weeks from today and it will all be over with and I'll be packing to go to Minnesota for the ACFW Conference! All the F.A.I.T.H. girls will be together. We are really excited.

You know, life is full of all kinds of things. Good, bad, exciting, boring. We just need to go with the flow, ride out the storms, swing from the rainbows, and breathe in all that is good. Take each day and live in all the moments.


The F.A.I.T.H. girls are blogging about the ACFW conferece this week. Be sure to check it out here.

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