Idle Girls!!

Yes, I spelled Idle the way I wanted to. Idle.

They weren't that intersting last night. What happened? They are nervous and pitchy. (I never even heard the word pitchy until I started watching Idol--now I use it like I know exactly what I"m talking about!)

I liked Brooke--she's always been my fav girl. She's fun.

We'll have to see what happens tonight. I think they are going to be in real trouble when they are combined with the boys. The boys are rockin this year.


It's been a crazy week, I've been sick, everybody's going through something. Life is busy to say the least. Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Yeah! The day of LOVE! I LOVE it.

Everyone have a LOVELY Valentines day!!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Really. We do. We love having fun. But sometimes there's no time for fun. Sometimes we have too many things going on. Even when we have "fun" things planned, pushing together too many of them results in trying to fit everything in. Then the fun seems to disappear into the pressures of everything else.
I think God has been speaking to me lately regarding certain things. I have two engagments I was planning on doing that I have decided to say "no" to. I think it's time to slow down. After all, I do have a wedding to plan this year. I want to enjoy every minute of that process. The wedding and reception are going to be at the same place which simplifies things greatly. My daughter and her fiance just firmed up their honeymoon plans and they are simplifying also.
We have also just started the Lenten season and I know I need to rely on and listen to what God is telling me. I haven't had time to write and that is a big hole in my life right now. I do believe God wants me to write.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God;

Write Reasons

Why do we continue to write after all these years? We keep writing, getting rejected, write, reject and yet we start another story, put another idea down on paper. I think it's because we can't not write. The ideas come, they have to be played out.
I was telling my dh this morning about a conference I would like to attend. I don't know if it will work out date-wise, but I've heard lots of great things about this conference, it's close to home and I think it would be a great opportunity.
But then there was this little nagging in my mind---how much more money are you going to put out--before getting money in?
I've never really thought this way before. I think it's not the way God wants me to think.
I have to write. It comes from inside my heart. It's a given that stories come into my head all the time.
So I keep plugging away at it. Creating stories and characters and happy endings. (Yes, I HAVE to have a happy ending!)

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