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Check out Angie's Contest on her blog. She's giving away a great book on parenting.

Also, Christy has a couple of great video clips of the Casting Crowns concert she attended over Thanksgiving weekend.

Go visit.....Go on....Check them out!!!

Age telling on F.A.I.T.H.

Check out the F.A.I.T.H. blog.
We're talking about age over there today. We're discussing the first time you ever......

She Said What?

My husband, son and I went to my husband's brothers for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the family, and of course we had good food. There were a few missing from having to be elsewhere or they were sick. We hope all are well now.

We played a game called Catch-Phrase. There's this round thing-and it has a timer and a display screen. When you start you have to get your team to say the word, then you pass it on to the next team and they have to get their team to say the new word, and this goes on until that timer runs out. You don't want to be holding the thing when the timer goes off.

So, it was fun and we were having a good time. The thing gets passed to one of my team mates. She starts saying things like...when two people break up this happens to one of them....think of an organ...the one person is really this when a break up occurs...

Okay, so when she says the first line I say--"They stalk you." Well, his family started laughing. Then the organ thing and another of our teammates says something about the heart. Then when she gave the third clue I said "They try to kill themselves."
So everyone got a laugh at my responses and they commented on them for a moment, but really this is a game where you can figure some stuff out about people. Wow, what type of relationships have I had? Stalkers and people wanting to kill themselves? Yes, looking back I have had those experiences when breakups occured, but that has been years ago. I have been with my husband fifteen years now. I good, steady, safe, loving relationship.

Guess the old stuff still lingers huh?

By the way, the Catch Phrase we were looking for was "heartbreaker".

As writers we draw on experiences and reactions for our characters. No, I don't write suspense, but I do write humor. In some situations, there is nothing to do but laugh.

Do you have any experiences to draw from as a writer? Do you have any over all themes that keep popping up in your books? Readers, do you like a particular type of book for a reason?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I have so much to be thankful for. Not everything goes right every day, not every situation is to my liking, not every dream has been realized. But to focus on those things would be foolish.
What I do have and know and love puts those negative thoughts to shame. My family, my friends, the fact I get to live in a house, have a car to drive.
The common factor all these good things have is God. Without Him I would be nowhere. My thinking would be misguided, my decisions would be misdirected, my over-all attitude would leave a lot to be desired.
I'm thinking we should be thankful everyday for the love He's given us so we can love each other.
Have a blessed day!

Crowder and Such

The DC Band show last night was awesome! A group called The Myraid opened and then Phil Wickman....how incredible of a performer he is! He was sans band, just him and his guitar and man he can belt out some love to our Lord!

Then Crowder and Company stepped out on stage and electricity struck---the man can move an audiance. He is high energy and if you are in the same room you can't help but be caught up in it. The drummer has somehow managed to flip a Guitar Hero guitar into a guitar that Crowder played during one of the songs. That really vamped up the crowd. They (mostly a younger than me crowd) were loving it.

On a totally different note, Missy has a great author interview posted on her blog on debut author Julie Lessman. Go here to check it out.

David Crowder-Tonight!

Tonight is the David Crowder Band concert at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. I bought my tickets in April and have been waiting for tonight since then. His new Cd Remedy is great and we are looking forward to having a great time. I'll post tomorrow and let you know how the show was.
It'll be fun spending a couple hours worshiping our God with awesome music!

Angie's Contest

Angie has a great contest running on her blog today. The prize is a really fun sounding book.

check it out


Are you ever at a loss for words? Words that truly express the way you feel, the way your heart feels?
That's about how I've been this past week. In coversations with my husband and with Kay about God things I keep saying "I don't know."
There are things I do know. God's love-the freedom in God's love-the way God loves us. All that has been brought home to me this week. It's amazing, it's awesome, it's incredible.
What I don't know is what to do with it.
Where to go with it.
I can't sit around and not do anything with His incredible gift of Him to us.
I can't.
I write. That's something. But I need to do more.
If you are reading this, please pray for God's calling to me to be revealed. I think I'm thinking to hard. I've been praying. I'm trying to listen.

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