God-a-be----I can't take the credit for the phrase. I think Missy and I thought of it together. But it's the term of the week. Let's use it in a sentence.
"It's God-a-be in God's time."
This is my focus because the editor who really liked my manuscript, Girl in Waiting, sent me a rejection letter this week with seemingly no reason except for it didn't quite fit the line at this time.
"Didn't quite fit the line at this time."
If we dissect that sentence we could read so much into it. What's the "quite" word really mean? She typed it. Does that mean the manuscript is not "quite" there? As in ready? The phrase "at this time" raises more questions. Do I resend when the time is right? (All of my writing pals, don't cringe. I would never resend without invite). Anyway, that's the business of writing. It's not always clear cut and if we spend too much time reading between the lines, we'll never get any writing done.
So I'm not dwelling on the rejection. I'm working on the it's God-a-be God's time theory. I do my best to do my part, and leave the timing and the things that aren't in my control in His.

Happy Fathers Day

Sunday June, 18th is Father's Day. A day to celebrate with the men in our lives. I was blessed to have a fabulous father, one who taught me the right things in life. The important things. Family. God. And many more that I won't name here because we only have a certain amount of space. There are a couple of phrases that always make me think of my Dad when I hear them.
"Don't fix it if it ain't broke."
"You done good, kid."
I've also been blessed with a wonderful husband who is also a fabulous father. His two daughters, Melanie and Lisa are proof of what great insights he has. They are beautiful young women, with huge hearts.
So, to all the men who are awesome influences----kudos to you!! Keep up the good work!

Front Porch Princess

I just finished a great book by Kathryn Springer. Front Porch Princess is about the life of Elise Penny, a farmers wife in Wisconsin who wants her daughter to make a different decision than she did. Go to college and leave the small town of Prichett. When her daughter Bree, seems to be falling for the local boy, Elise finds herself wrestling with issues she hasn't thought about in a while. Add to the mix a Christian beauty pagent Bree has entered Elise in, Elise's best friend Bernice, who reveals a secret, a new friend Annie who's searching for a mentor, but ends up the mentoree and you have a great story. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I cheered. Kathryn has done a fantastic job evoking all emotions. The best news? There's a sequel coming about Bernice's story. I can't wait!!!!
  • Kathryn Springer
  • Prioritizing

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the commitments you've made, the things you want to do, the things you have to do and the things that come up at the last minute? Have you ever found yourself looking days ahead, a barrage of images of the things you haven't done yet swirling around in your mind to the point of exhaustion? Am I the only one who does this?
    Last week I was at the point of telling my husband and even a couple of friends, "We're not making any more plans for the summer. Not one. Our weekends are filled already and I can't commit to one more event."
    My next thought was "how sad is this?" But it's true.
    I'm truly thankful for my friends and family. I enjoy spending time with people. So what's all this fuss about?
    It's about me. About my ability (or inability in this case) to put the important things first. I can't discount any and all events or invites that may come my way in the next three months. I can't close my mind to opportunities that God may be providing. What I need to do is pray for the ability to prioritize, pray for the ability to use my time wisely. And above all I must keep in mind to do all things for the glory of God.
    I think somehow, He'll work all this out. (As long as I'm doing my part!)

    Oh, deer, not again!

    Yes, I spelled it right. Deer. As in those cute, tan-colored four-legged friends that live all around Ball Ground and the surrounding regions. Well, if any of you readers drive a white Toyota Solara, don't drive in Ball Ground. I think they're deer magnets. For the second time in less than six months I've hit a deer. This time I wasn't on the highway doing 65 miles an hour. I was on Hwy 5, doing about 45 talking to Missy.
    "Oh, no. I hit another darn deer. I'll call you back." (I have hands free talking-I promise I was being safe!) Lenny was behind me because we were on our way home from bowling. He saw it all unfold. He saw the deer in the field, saw it take off toward the road, saw me not do a thing to miss it (I honestly didn't see it). Then our friends who we bowl with saw us and stopped also. We had quite a crowd. When the police woman came she said, "Did all of you hit the deer?" (Okay, actually she said, "Did all y'all hit the deer?")
    Anyway, there's not near as much damage as last time. Everyone is well. Even the deer, I guess. He left. Didn't wait around for the nice police woman.
    But I have evidence. His fur is still stuck to my crumpled hood.
    I never imagined living in Ball Ground, Georgia could be so endeering!!!

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