Chapters 1-6 Pages 1-72

This blog was originally titled Belinda's Writing Journal. And for the next little while that is going to be the way of this blog. I doubt anyone is reading anyway. That's all right, too. I just need somewhere to track my progress, vent my frustrations and be albe to say "Hey--it's working out!"

I've basically spent this week on chapters 4-6. Yes, all week. I only write in the morning before I go to work. But, I do believe all the hard work paid off. I really like the chapters and I think there is a much better flow, a lot less useless conversation, a lot more tension, a lot less mumble jumble. So for this it was worth it. I'm going to continue on today with what ever I can get done starting now with chapter 7, which I think used to be chapter 9.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off writing and after church we (Lenny and I) are going to spend the afternoon with our grandchildren at their house. We are really looking forward to that.

Then of course, Monday a.m. back at it. I will have to speed it up, though. At revising three chapters a week I'll be doing this a lot longer than I need to be doing this. I need to enter the Golden Heart. Good thing the entry is ready, now I just need to make sure the rest of the manuscript is a-okay.

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