Share The Love!!!

Dropping in to say have a great day in all you do. I"m working like crazy a good distance from my house. It's only temporary---that's the good thing! But I"m learning a lot and gaining more head knowledge. I"m sure God will put it use for his glory! Because that's what we're all about. Doing God's stuff so He will shine through and people will know His love.

I had a dream last night about sharing the love of Jesus. Somebody in my dream (not sure who it was) was feeling so much love from another human being. They just couldn't believe it--and I wanted to shout "You can feel that love all the time--everyday from God." But for some reason I didn't. And then in my dream I remember feeling like I should have said that no matter what.

I hope I step up in real life. I hope I don't miss an opportunity to share God's love.

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