Healing Promises-Amy Wallace

I'd like to introduce to you Amy Wallace, Rita Award Nominee for Ransomed Dreams.
Today we are talking about her second book, Healing Promises which will be available April 15th. I'll be drawing for a free copy tomorrow morning. So leave a comment today and check back to see if you are the lucky one to receive this great book.

I had the privilege of asking Amy a few questions.

Belinda: What was the biggest difference in writing Ransomed Dreams, then Healing Promises?

Amy: When I first wrote Ransomed Dreams, I knew nothing and had a ball just getting the story on the page. I also had a number of years to hone my craft and then rewrite the story under the guidance of my incredible editor.

Writing Healing Promises was done with a great deal more knowledge of the publishing world and skills needed for writing well. It was also written during a time of intense physical pain and spiritual searching. Due to all that, it was less than a thrill ride. But the experience taught me even more how to cling to God when storms hit full force.

Belinda: Did you prepare differently for writing Healing Promises?

Amy: For all three books in the Defenders of Hope series, tons of hours went into research, praying and laying out the stories. But Healing Promises dipped deeper into my heart and many of the issues believers struggle with when life hurts. I had to open up a lot more and pour myself out onto the page—and I thought I poured out all I had with Ransomed Dreams! But God is so faithful to fill us up and give us exactly what we need to tell stories that will touch hearts.

Belinda: Is there any advice you can give to those who write romantic suspense on how to balance the suspense with the romance and let the two compliment each other?

Amy: My advice for any type of writing is to let who God is and who you are flow through your fingers. That’s the uniqueness each writer brings to the table.

In terms of writing romantic suspense, there are a few basics to make both plot threads believable and cohesive. First, I’d suggest not writing a kiss scene in the midst of the hero and heroine being chased by some deranged antagonist. When/ if they do kiss, make it count and have it happen at a time and place that are believable. That’s not to say they can’t kiss in the midst of what appears to be a dangerous situation. Dee Henderson did a masterful job of that in The Guardian.

Another important thing a romantic suspense author can do is fully research their story. There are a ton of ideas tucked away in good research. Read biographies about and talk to people in your character’s professions. Some folks I’ve interviewed have shared great ideas for bringing together the suspense and romance plots just by telling stories of their lives.

And lastly, I’d say really getting to know your characters is one of the best ways to blend the romance and suspense well. Pray about each character’s basic lie. What do they believe about themselves? They’re unlovable? They’re not good enough? And also find out what do they want most or hope with everything in them won’t happen. Knowing these things about your characters will enable you to write them well. Praying about them will help you see what God wants to do through your story to touch hearts.


Amy has shared valuable insights with us today. And not just about writing. Search your heart for what God would have you write. He has gifted Amy with the ability to put on paper what she has gleamed from Him into fiction that leaves us breathless and satisfied at the same time.

Remember, leave a comment to be eligible for a free copy of Healing Promises.

Thank you Amy for sharing so much with us.
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Mindy Obenhaus said...

As a RS writer, I'm taking notes. Great advice, Amy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, as well as your heart.

tetewa said...

I've been following the blog tour and I'm looking forward to this one!

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Amy,
So glad to see you on Belinda's blogsite today! I didn't have your email and wanted to congratulate you for your RITA final!!! Mega-congrats!!! I'm so, so happy for you and thrilled to see your book receive such deserved praise. I'll be cheering for you at RWA this summer!
All the best,

Lindi said...

HI ladies,

Thanks for stopping by. I was at the Lifeway store today and saw the promo for Healing Promises. I was very excited.
Amy is a very gifted writer.

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for all the encouraging words and congrats! You're the best!

Missy Tippens said...

Great interview, you two! Don't enter me in the drawing. I already have a copy and can't wait to read it!! :)


Lindi said...

It's been a fun day with Amy. You still have time to comment and get in the drawing.

windycindy said...

Greetings, Her book cover is lovely! She seems like an amazing person and someone I would like to know. I wish her the best with her book! I really like romantic books with suspense. Please enter me in your drawing.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Amy's website and am looking forward to reading one of her books, so pick me :)

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