A-Z WC-Why Do People Fall In Love-X

Why Do People Fall In Love-X

Xanadu! says: noun a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.
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Yeah--this didn't come to me right away--and it might be stretching it a bit, but hey--if you think somebody is your idea of great beauty, luxury and contentment then go for it.


And because it's a crazy X day it's also going to be a GIVE-AWAY DAY! Leave a comment and your email address to be entered into the drawing for a review/gift copy of Her Best Catch! (US residence only)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindi! I was wondering what word you were going to come up with for the letter X. I had forgotten about Xanadu.

Kate O'Mara said...

Xanadu: the movie, song, play, book I particular like the movie based on the book with Marty Sheen as the bad boy, love interest running from the law.

Lindi said...

Susanne--X---hard day. :)

Kate--I remember the movie but with Olivia Newton John in it? Newer version?