A-Z WC-Why Do People Fall In Love-L

Why Do People Fall In Love-L


How about that? We start off liking someone in a lot of relationships. Sometimes that like turns into love? Agree? says this:verb (used with object) to take pleasure in; find agreeable or congenial Check It Out!

I had to find the verb form. Because we are talking falling in love--actions--because loving is an action!

Just do it! Love!!

Oh--and it's Friday the 13th---Go out and LOVE IT!


Linda Jackson said...

Hi Lindi,
Thanks for visiting my blog....
Yes, love is definitely an action, because it's sometimes hard to take pleasure in those around us who disappoint us, hurt us, etc. But we choose to love them anyway. And I always have to remind myself that those same people love me despite my faults. :)

Linda Jackson said...
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Susan Roebuck said...

Hi! Just popping in from the A-Z. I suppose there's a huge debate about whether we like the person we love...well I do! I didn't remember it was Friday 13th until I started reading people's blogs today!

Tara Tyler said...

cute a to z topic!
i like/love it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Friendship first!

Lindi said...

Linda--well said!

Susan--I think we can love somebody and at times not like them> :) And yes, it was Friday the 13th--I usually don't pay attention to that kind of stuff--


Lindi said...

Alex--so true!!