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New Month New Rules

May is right around the corner. I've been thinking about this blogging thing. How I either need to do it or not. I've been looking around at other people's blogs, seeing what I like to read, seeing what holds my interest. I figure if I'm reading there must be something about it I like.
Or if I start reading then quit, there must be something about it that doesn't hold my interest.
I'm going to try an experiment for the month of May. I'm going to post on general, everyday life stuff. Stuff nobody in the world may care about but me.
I mean I have things that happen to me on a daily basis. Funny things, sad things. There are things happening in the media--I mean we had a royal wedding today. Oh, and my son just announced his engagement to a fabulous girl the whole family loves.
Yes, see, I have things.
And this weekend hubby and I are watching the grandkids. Fun. Tonight I took them for mexican food. The little guy, who's three said he wanted a chicken taco, b…

Great Meeting

Usually once a year the Georgia Romance Writers offer a special all day meeting. This year Author Nancy Knight hosted the workshop Well Begun Is Half Done.
First of all there's nothing like spending the day with a group of people who have the same passion you do. I also got to see some friends I don't see very often. All this in a setting that is focused on writing.
The workshop was great! The writing exercises were very helpful. Creativity sparkled around the room.
If you are a writer--or have a passion about anything--do you get the opportunity to share it with others that encourage and inspire you?

Movie Watcher?

There are those out there who loves to watch movies. And can find the time. It's not that I have anything against movies, I just can't seem to make myself sit and watch one. Rarely.
I'm staring at 4 movies my daughter left with me to watch. She left them about a month ago. I have yet to see one of them. She told me about them, told me they were good, but that hasn't given me the incentive to plop in front of the television for a couple of hours.

She gave me Valentines Day, which I asked for.

New In Town--She said it was really cute.

August Rush--I don't know anything about it, but it looks good.

And Charlie St Cloud. Which I know is a bit sad, but it's looks romantic as well.

What about you? Are you a movie watcher?

(Pictures courtesy of Google Images)

Blog Hopping Today

Check out these two blogs for chances to win a copy of Her Best Catch and a gift card.

Divine Imaginations.

At The Edge Of Darkness

I'm over at The Edge Of Darkness today. Ciara is hosting an A-Z challenge and I'm hosting the letter B.

Click HERE to see what "B" is all about.

Good Stuff

Wednesday I was on Seekerville. What a blast! So much fun. And Wednesday was also the day my book became available on
I have so much to be thankful for. Yes, there's a lot of 'life' stuff happening as well, but we take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, the stress with the peace.
Where are you at now?