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Halloween is over and the holidays are coming. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It's finally getting cooler here in Georgia. I have yet to wear a coat, but I think we're almost there. The leaves are falling and turning colors.
It's fall in Georgia a month and a half before it officially becomes winter.
Ah, the joys of living in the south.
What part of the country do you live in and have you seen the signs of the seasons changing?

Rain and NASCAR

Ah! It's raining in Georgia. Not a whole lot, but the streets are wet, the ground is damp and I had to turn the windshield wipers on tonight and this morning.
We need the rain so badly! Of course it will start raining now. It's NASCAR weekend coming up and that just goes hand in hand with rain. I remember more than one year of hanging out all day just to go home because we were rained out.
What's amazaing to me is that south Georgia has has way too much rain and north Georgia is in a severe drought. Send some water our way folks!!
Oh, well, I'll report back about the race (or non-race) on Sunday.

Anyone know who this racer is?


Okay, I'll admit it. This is a mindless, senseless, post. But it probably mirrors my mind right now. After months of being "on the go" I am finally home for months on end. Yes, until February I'm not leaving town. Even I am having a hard time believing it's true.
So, why is this post titled Pizza? Because I've eaten pizza for dinner last Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night, Friday night and I'm eating left over pizza today for lunch.
Did I mention I LOVE pizza? I guess it's a good thing, huh?
I had Papa Johns, Stevie B's, Romano's, Digorno frozen pizza (I'm addicted) and Trevili's Pizza in Dawsonville, Georgia. Did I already say I LOVE pizza? Well, as much as I LOVE pizza, I"m probably going to be hating my scales in a couple of days. While pizza is great for the taste buds, it's way bad on the calories.
So, what's your favorite type of pizza? And what's your limit on how many times a week you w…

You God-a Love It!!!!!

I'm back in Atlanta now. Yeah! I just love being home. I missed my hubby and my cat. Yes, I that order. I swear!
As I mentioned in my previous post I had been in Houston and the last night I was there I stayed with my hubby's Aunt and Uncle. Ruth and Shorty. Shorty is a minister and we had great conversations.
The morning I left I showed him my devotional by Andrew Murray. I asked Shorty if he had ever read him and he said no. So I told him how I'm inspired by Andrew Murray's insightfulness. His love of the Lord is incredible.
As we are walking out the door (they took me to work that day) Uncle Shorty gives me a book. It's titled 'not I but Christ' by Stephen E. Olford. Uncle Shorty tells me it's a good book that he thinks I'll enjoy reading. He then quotes Galations 2:20--"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved m…

Hot, Humid, Houston

I'm in Houston, Texas and boy is it hot and humid. The sun is shining and there isn't a dark cloud to be found. I'm here for work, but I had something very nice to look forward to.
Lenny's Aunt and Uncle live here. Actually 15 minutes from where I"m working and literally within walking distance of the hotel I was staying at. I took a "hotel" break tonight and spent the evening with them and their son whom I've never met before, but boy can he grill a fabulous steak.
Aunt Ruth made scalloped potatoes...salad...and homemade chocolate cake. Can you say I'm not eating for a week!!
It was a fabulous visit and if I have to come back here, I will be staying with Aunt and Uncle. They have a warm and lovely home and I enjoy their stories and visiting with them.
And maybe if I come back it will be a little cooler.
I hope!