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My daughter and her fiance went out with another couple last night. They went to the Drive-In. How fun!! I pretty much had forgotten about the venue. When I was in high-school we used to go all the time, but I honestly didn't know if they still existed.
I'm glad to find out they do.
With all the high gas prices and technology it's refreshing to know something of the past is still in existence, and that the younger generation is enjoying it.

What about you? Do you have a Drive-In around you? Have you been lately? Would you like to go?

TBL Finalist!!!!!!

I just received news that my manuscript This Crazy Love I Never Expected is a finalist in the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of RWA's annual Touched By Love contest.

I'm thrilled with this news. The winners will be announced at the Faith, Hope and Love one day conference in July. It's in San Francisco this year in conjunction with the RWA National Conference. I won't be able to attend, but I'll be anxiously awaiting a phone call to see where my manuscript placed.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day!!!

Mothers are very special people. Today is the day we celebrate the women in our lives that have impacted us in a postive and loving way. Don't forget to tell those special women how important they are to you.

Missy's Sale

Just had to announce that my cp and friend Missy Tippens had sold another book to Steeple Hill!! I'm so thrilled for her. She reworked this book and they really liked it. Missy has great revision skills. I look at my work and think, "it's the only way this can happen." I need to learn from her.

Congratulations Missy!!!!