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A-Z Challenge Why Do People Fall In Love-T

Why do people fall in love-T= Tell me! Okay, so all month love you've been dealing with my crazy and sometimes not so crazy versions of why people fall in love. Today it's your turn. I want to know why you think people fall in love. One word---a whole paragraph---or more--let me know.


Ciara said…
The right person.
The right place.
The right time.
Karen Walker said…
I fell in love for different reasons depending on where I was in my life. There's no way I could answer this briefly so I'll just say the bottom line for me is that someone loves and accepts me just the way I am and I do the same back.
His intelligence attracted me, his consideration and the way he treated me made me love him.
Ciara said it best!
Now, why do people stay in love? Friendship and communication.
Anonymous said…
Wow, everyone had such great comments. I don't think I could say it any better.
Lindi said…
Susanne--I agree--all the comments were great!

And I like what Alez said about staying in love-so true!!

Thanks, all!!
He was (and is) always there for me when I need him. And I for him. But, like everyone says, love is different for everyone. Unusual just might work for you.

Happy A to Z-ing!
Lindi said…
Jenn--Love that you guys are always there for each other. :)

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