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Free Book!

Weighted---A Prequel

So,  I'm interrupting my autograph/find old friends posts to bring you this announcement. Ciara Knight's prequel, Weighted, will be available soon......and this is a must read. First, the cover is amazing and should make you want to read the book immediately. Then you dive in.

Better get ready.

Because you don't stop until you turn the last page. (Oh, and then you can release the breath you've been holding because it's that awesome and real.)

I have three easy steps for you to follow.

First.... CLICK HERE and add to your Goodreads page.

Then.....mark your calendars.
August prepared to click that buy button.

You'll be glad you did.

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC for this prequel. Read my review HERE.

Do you like to post reviews? Amazon? Goodreads?

July Fun--Part One

Okay--I'm going to do something a little crazy for the remainder of the month. Hang with me here, it's a trip down memory lane.
But hopefully not just my memory lane.

I recently found an autograph book of mine. Apparently I got it for my birthday, but I ended up moving that year, (1976), so it turned into a goodby autograph book.

So I thought I'd post the entries from 36 years ago. Now, I'm pretty sure kids now don't have autograph books. Their stuff is way cooler than that, but I'm sure some of you reading the blog will remember those days.

Not only will you remember those days, you'll probably remember reading these same lines in your yearbooks. :)

The saying at the front of the book says:

This paper may crumber,
The ink someday fade...
But never the memories
of friend I have made!

Okay--honesty time here. I keep in touch with one girl that wrote in this book.


But it is fun reading back through these notes and such and I was wondering if I could trac…