Pan de Vida---Bread of Life

Here is Pan de Vida. Bread of Life in spanish.
It's a church community center, and so much more. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Pan de Vida. Praise God.

They worship with a keyboard, guitars, a drummer and beautiful girls with tambourines. But it's not the instruments that make this worship, it's the people playing the instruments and the people in the congregation singing with their voices, full of joy for our Lord. It's what's inside these people that make their worship alive and wonderful and energetic. It's contagious.
Thursday night during the fiesta, we were dancing and singing and having the time of our lives. The memories of that times won't fade quickly I can assure you.

Next time I'll post some work pictures. Yes, we worked. I promise. (Focus, Kay. Focus.)

Until then......

What makes your worship come alive? A certain type of music, a place your heart gets to.....Let me know.


Missy Tippens said...

So glad you're home, Lindi. But glad you had a great experience.

For me, worship comes in many forms. One is through tradition. Just the familiarity, the routines of the service. It's the same type I attended growing up, so it feels like a part of me.

I also love music! Just about any type.


Belinda Peterson said...

Amen, Missy. You have a great point. Worship should be a part of who we are.

Anonymous said...

Harry is well my dear and 19 years later married with three children as are Hermoine and Ron.........The epilog was them sending THEIR children to Hogwarts.......I dont believe that J.K. Rowlins is done with the series at all. Anyhow, glad you are home well and safe.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I hope I one day get to go on a missions trip. I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience.


Belinda Peterson said...


Yeah for JK! That is a great ending. And yes, fodder for a new series. No wonder she's the richest woman in England...Smart lady.
Jenn, if you want to go, you will go. God will open doors for you at the right time. I've been trying to go for over 5 years, and it just now worked out this year. Timing, finanaces and everything.