Secret of the Throne of Grace-3

Daily In His Presence
July 7
The Lamb and the Spirit
Revelation 5:6

Andrew Murray says:
"Second, we learn that it is only through the Spirit that we shall understand the glory of the Lamb and be filled with His love, and so stand firm in the faith of that which He can do in us and for us and through us."

How true this is. He states towards the end of the devotional to take time and be quiet before the throne of the Lamb and enjoy His presence.
The more we know God, the more we can hear His voice to us and know what He's about and what He wants us to be about.
The Spirit of God is such a fascinating subject. How He gave us all this Spirit so we can have the full love He has planned for us. How having that Spirit will let us show that love to the world.
Go out this weekend and show God's love to all you meet.
After all, He's given it to us--and like everything else we have- it's His to begin with.

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