Mexico and hello Brenna girl!!!

We are in Mexico and working hard, having fun and eating really awsesome food!

Brenna girl----Miss you much! Alex, miss you too!! (and everybody)

Wendy--how are things?

The country here is beautiful. There are mountains edging part of the city. The church we are at is called Pan de Vida--Bread of Life. It is so appropriate for this community. We got here in time for church on Sunday and it was an awesome service. The music was great, they all sing with such joy. We tried to sing although we didn{t know what we were singing. I could pick out a couple of words. But the spirit is here-Praise God.
VBS was incredible tonight. We did a skit, a craft and had a snack. The kids are so beautiful and so happy.

I cant wait to share the pictures. August will be Mexico Mission Recap. Photos for all to see.

I will try to check in again. It is hard to get on the computer. The hotel has two but they are busy and we are not here very much.

Brenna--again--miss you much my girl. I will call if I can, if not you will here from me Friday.

Love to all.

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