Before leaving again.....

My, my how the time does fly!!!
I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. But I'm back from a great time in Dallas. I have a few pictures to share and will try to do so for a couple of days this week. I'm leaving Friday for a mission trip to Mexico. Please keep our team in your prayers.

Here is Missy being booted out of the Golden Network---a group for Golden Heart finalists...when you sell a book you get the boot!

And here's one of some friends--Janet, Debbie, Darlene and Debra-delightful, wonderful women I was blessed to spend my week with.

I'll try to post some more before we go to Mexico.

Adios, Amigos!!!


Anonymous said...

You go wild woman !!!! I understand why you have no time for Cousins anymore !!! Go kick butt and show the world who you are, Im behind you 100% !!!! By the way, Marisa is having a girl and her name is Kenzi Nicole (as least as of today) Just spent a couple of days with my parents, was awesome !!! Spent the AM on the deck BS'ing like the good ole days, and YES, we discussed YOU !! Anyhow, good luck and God Speed in Mexico..........can be tough there I know. Shoot me a note sometime ! Still love you more, and you and Christy had better pick up the pens !!! Hey christy, mail me your phone #, I will inspire you and we can talk about Lindi !!! mail is Be well all, be safe........its scary out there.......
Cousin Wendy

Belinda Peterson said...


I always have time for you. Always!! You are the bestest cousin a girl could ask for. I hope you were talking good about me.
And go easy with Christy. She's only known me a year. Don't fill her head with too much stuff all at once.
I do love you-----lots!! The mostest!