Another Week

Another week has gone by. Literally. Gone by.
Also, another month----say goodbye to June and hello to July.

We in Georgia are in the droves of heat, occasional rain (Praise God!) and humidity. My hair is really big---it never used to do that. Now it stays in a pontytail much of the time.

We have a new pastor at our church. I really like him. He's given two sermons and I've enjoyed and needed them both. Thanks to the North Georgia conference for sending him.

Will try to post something relating to something this week.

Thanks for visiting.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...


After meeting you at the conference last year, I can't imagine you with big hair. If it makes you feel any better, the temps and weather is about the same here in NC.

Belinda Peterson said...

Well, I'm getting it cut off this Friday... I tried letting it grow, but I guess that's not for me.
And it's just hot.