The Dream

To the right of this post is a word meter. I"ve got a new book idea and it absolutely won't leave me alone, so I"m going with it. Watch the meter. I started the book yesterday and have 1600 words. So I will update each weekend. I've titled the book Summer Dream, which may or may not stick. I"ll see how it goes.
So pray that I"m on the right track with this story. It's fun, sad, and is writing itself all day long as I'm at my day job.
So, time to TIVO all Idol episodes, Grease episodes and watch them in half the time.
Here I go on another wild journey.

Stay with me, please?


Christy LaShea Smith said...

I'm with you! And a bit of advice - when you've got a break at work - jot down what you're thinking. Eat lunch in your car where you can write! I guarantee you'll finish the first draft. Of course, why am I giving you advice, girlfriend, you've been at this longer than me!
Hey - where can I get one of those word counter thingys?

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Hey, are lunches for writing? I drag my laptop to work everyday just so I can write during lunch. I don't always get to write during lunch because of "must do" errands, but I make the effort to bring it just in case.

PS - Like the meter.

Belinda said...

Good idea, Christy about writing down ideas. I do jot grocery lists. This is wierd, I keep getting scene ideas....
Unfortunately I don't go to lunch very often. I usually bring my lunch and eat at my desk while I work. I'd rather do that and leave an hour earlier.
I know that's not good work ethics.
I used to try and go to Starbucks, but it didn't work out very well.

Angela Breidenbach said...

Where did you get the word meter? That is so cool and sooo making yourself accountable. This sounds like a really fun idea too. I love that it started as a dream.

Missy T said...

Yippee!! 1600 words!! Excellent!! I'm so excited. I can't wait to read some of it. Send it when you're ready. :)

Of course, I know you may just want to plow through it, and that's okay. I'll try to be patient. LOL