Write From Your Heart--Part 1

What do we love? What are our passions? What interests us above all?
These are the things we should be writing about. The situations that are dear to our heart, soul and mind are what will inspire us to dig deeper, be bold and go where no one else has gone before. Because what's in your heart is yours and no one elses.
Don't worry about what's hot right now. It won't be hot by the time you finish and submit. The market changes-your heart doesn't.
Think of your favorite writer. The one who when their books come out you just pick them up, regardless of cover or back story blurb. Chances are you know what you're going to read, in a way. A good way. You don't know the story yet, but you know what type of read you will have.
And chances are you won't be disappointed.
That's because the writer is true to themselves. They write from their heart. You can feel it.
If you're a reader, tell me about the books you like.
If you're a writer, tell me about the books you like to write.
On Thursday I'll be talking about voice. What it is and why it's so important.
PS-Click over to our F.A.I.T.H blog and check out our guest blogger Jane Myers Perrine. She's talking about the faith element in our story.


Anonymous said...

My dear cousin..............I am a reader, not born to be a writer....at least in this lifetime !!! I love to read the mystery fiction, love that twist at the end, (if in fact the author can out-smart me) ..and on occasion he/she can !!! Other than these, my next books to read are Lindi's how great it is to critique (SP) when its someone I know. Keep on writing girl, you and your buds here on FAITH have taught me a lot in the past couple weeks............Kudos to y'all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, and LOVE YOU MOST !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo..........I got the next generation reading you now too, Marisa is watching.........

Belinda said...

Hi anonymous, Marisa!!

Thanks for visiting.
And I beg to differ.

Happy Valentines Day!
Let me know what that guy of yours got you.