Oh, Brother!!

As I've been gently reminded I have an extremely talented brother who is a musician. So I've labeled this musician week and today we are featuring Matt Aebi.

Whenever we have a family gathering Matt always brings his guitar. We usually end up singing something or like here he's recruited my son Alex to play along.
Matt has made a couple of CD's. Go here to his website. It's great having a musician in the family. A real live one who can play, and sing.
Actually our family has quite a bit of talent. I'll feature another member tomorrow.
But for today, go to Matt's website and listen to some tunes. (Maybe even purchase a CD!)
Love you, Matt!!!


Tiffany said...

And he's very entertaining, I always have so much fun at his shows. Of course I do love heckling him, but I usually end up laughing myself to tears from something funny he's done.

j_bv said...

Matt's shows are always a lot of fun. And he sings Mandy so well! Our whole family is proud of Matt, who is not only talented but an all-around special person! Love ya, Matt.

Belinda said...

He does sing Mandy quite well.

Anonymous said...

How cool. U have all sorts of talent in your family :-) U have such a big heart.


Belinda said...

Hernando!!! Hello. Glad to see you here!