My Friend Missy.....

Sold a book! The working title Michael's Surrender was bought by Steeple Hill books last Tuesday.
Missy is a great friend of mine and has worked hard for this opportunity. I'm so very excited for her. Her release date is Feb 2008 and I'll post the title as soon as it's been decided on.
Here's me and Missy at the 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony where she was a finalist.

Congratulations Missy!!!!


Missy T said...

Thank you!!!

I need to print that photo. It's still on my camera!


Anonymous said...

congratz Missy :-) And u look wonderful in your dress Lindi!!!


Carol B. said...

Thanks for posting this. I jumped over to Missy's blog and congratulated her. Can't wait to hear her story at the meeting on Saturday!