Although it's already into the second month of the 2007 I have to warn you about something that will happen every so often on this blog. I will post a picture and blog about David Crowder. I took quite a few pictures when I had the opportunity to see him back in Nov of 2006 and will post different ones throughout the year.
His music is awesome, his voice is awesome and this man and his band love the Lord. Just listen to a song or two.
He's a part of the praise and worship moving across the world and I'm glad I'm on board.
If you've never heard him go here to see what he and his band are all about.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't your brother get jealous of all the David pictures ???? :)

Tiffany said...

The boy doesn't have a jealous bone in his body

Belinda Peterson said...

Tiffany is right. Matt doesn't have a jealous bone, but anonymous has a point. Maybe I'll make this music week and I'll post something about Matt on Thursday.

Thanks for visiting....

Belinda said...

Oh, and anonymous, I forgot. Go read my profile and look at my fav music. See who's listed first.
(and I didn't just go and change it. It's been that way since day one)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, right.............and I know Tif too, and she knows Matt better than you and ever will !!!! Good for you Tif ! Matt is thew most gentle, kind, man Ive ever known.....(even if he is a cus)

Anonymous said...

ok, help please.............from all/any........I pray all the time, daily,and what for? No results here...........You 5 guys keep it up for others like me that tried to make it work.................Love you all, best of luck

Belinda said...


We don't always see results right away or ever I guess. Look at my house deal. God has his own timing..Who can understand? I can only go by what I know. And I know the Bible says things like "He wants to prosper, not to harm you." and there are other verses which I won't name here because I'm no preacher. But God's intent is good. It always is. And that's what I keep in my mind.
Sometimes that's the only way I can stay sane.
You know?

Anonymous said...

Dear, that wasn't THIS anonymous that left that message !

Belinda said...

Okay, so was it the Love you all that through me off?

And see, if you quit being anonymous you wouldn't confuse me. But still, the message is the same no matter who left it.
And my answer is the same.

Angela Breidenbach said...

Hi Lindi,
I just read the plea for help in your comments from anonymous. So this is really to that person, if you don't mind.

What are you praying for? Is it something that you can share? If not, I had a thought bugging me for a few days. It seems like it was specific to your question. But, warning, it may not pertain at all since I don't know your situation.

The thought comes from Christ's prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed to the Father, "If it be your will, take this cup from me." This request had to do with his knowledge that he would go through terrible torture and then die on the cross bearing the sins of you and I. Can you imagine gasping for breath with the weight of your body pulling the air out of your lungs and then the sins of all mankind are suddenly draped onto you also? He knew it was coming. The prayer didn't take that suffering away. God couldn't give into Jesus fears. He had to let the plan unfold in order to save us from the fate of our sins. Now we can accept Jesus death for our sins and live forever in heaven.

I too have had some prayers go unanswered. My mother has been a severe paranoid schizophrenic all my life. I've ached, prayed, cried, fumed and to no avail. She's still sick and in the process of dying. Does that leave me abandoned? NO! There is a higher purpose. And sometimes, he doesn't take the "cup" of suffering away because of the immense good it will do. It's frustrating (I sometimes scream at the sky) waiting for that higher reason to appear. It's started to now. I realized how many people I get to offer compassion and understanding to one at a time. I realize that instead of ripping off the wrapping paper to reveal the huge present of comprehension (to the suffering), sometimes I have to be more patient and let it sit for the right day. And yes, sometimes that day is a long way off.

Be of good courage, there is a purpose. There is a reason. Don't set yourself above God by trying to unravel his enormous volume of wisdom and purpose. We're just too finite. The clay cannot tell the Potter what to make. But amazingly enough, it is the broken vessels like you and I that the Lord uses more than the perfect china still sitting on the shelf of the china hutch unused. We broken vessels are the blessed ones. We get used by the Lord every day. How can you use this difficult road to help someone coming behind you on the same road avoid the mud puddles, dangerous curves, and drop offs? Use this terrible, beautiful heartache to reach for someone else and pull them along. Reach ahead to someone who's walked a little farther down the lonely road. There is great purpose in allowing someone else to reach out to you as well as reaching for the one following behind you on the treacherous path.

Anonymous-You are greatly loved by the biggest heart in the universe. You are loved by Jesus Christ himself. Give your burdens over to him. Ask for his peace and allow him to place people in your life to pray, walk, and be with you in this struggle.

Please keep coming back to visit us.

Belinda said...

There is only one thing I can add to Angie's incredible post. It's that we're all in this life together.
(This is similar to my post on the FAITH blog yesterday)
I think God mixes us with people who are different than we are. Who are weak in area's where we are strong and strong in areas we are weak. I could never repsond like Angie did.
That's why I have Angie. We all have our insights and wisdom and knowledge that God gave us. And yes, we can all pick up the same Math book and learn the same equations and get the same answers. But it's how we apply what we learn that makes us different.
I don't think for ONE minute I met MIndy, Angie and Jennifer at the RWA conference by accident. And why is it when Christy came to the Georgia Romance Writers meeting she stood right by me and said "I write inspirational romance" when that genre makes up oh about 1/2 of a percent of all the people in the room?
God put me in the chair I was in. (I was in a place I NEVER sit) and he put Christy where she was.
None of this is by accident. It took me a really long time to look for God in my daily life. Look at the blessings he bestows my way every day. I can't tell you the difference it has made.
We all have to start somewhere. I started sometime in 1999 and can't tell you why, where how or what. I just knew.
Like I said in my other posts, we all don't see answers right away...only God knows the timing.
Oh and one more thing on this long post....have you ever had something "Not" happen when you wanted it to, but then it happened later and it was so much better because of the wait?
That's a very cool thing.
Look for the blessings.
They are there.