Write From Your Heart Part 2

Ahhh...The one word whose meaning and comprehension seems to elude all new writers. Of course some have their voice, they just don't know it. Others, like me, have to write a long time to figure it out. This is just a short snippet on voice. Talking about it can take days, weeks, maybe.
But the best way to define voice is when you're loving, I mean absolutely loving writing your story and people love, I mean absolutely, love reading it. When you find your voice the story seems to spin itself into existence. Really, it does.
Finding your voice means you have a tone to your story that clicks with you. All stories need all emotions of course, but usually stories have the main tone, focus to them.
Don't fight your voice. Go with it. Love it. Be it.
If you're a writer have you found your voice?
If you're a reader who are your favorite authors?
Join me Saturday when we'll wrap up Write From Your Heart.

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