The message of the week for me seems to be about missions. Spreading the word of God. I listened to a fabulous talk last night on a DVD I recently purchased. It was the Passion Glorious DVD. They had a talk on there done by Beth Moore. She spoke on taking the Word in but not doing anything with it. Her message was clear. Do not let the Word of God sit in you and be unproductive. Sow the seed. Talk, do. Put into action what God puts on your heart.
Our Pastor Ash McEuen and his family are doing just that. They are leaving us this June on a 5 year mission to Peru. I"ve got a link to their sight. They are calling their mission Open Circle of Peru. Their circle is open so we can all join in with them. Whether it's by helping to support them financially, prayerfully, or however we can.
They are indeed sowing God's word.
I haven't sowed too much this week. I'm going to work on that. What about you? Have you sowed what you've learned? If so, tell me about it.


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