The 5 Word Challenge=$5 Amazon Card

Anyone up for a challenge today? We're keeping it short and simple. Just a little exercise in learning to be concise. I know at times I need it!

So, in the comment section post a 5 word sentence to describe your favorite aspect of decorating for Christmas.

Pre-lit tree means less work. :)

Certain ornaments bring fond memories.

Now it's your turn!
(To be entered into the drawing you need to post your
comment by midnight EST today, November 30th.)

Oh, and make sure you tune in tomorrow--special post!! Fun post!! You'll love it!!


JoAnn Durgin said...

Okay, I'll take a shot. Anything for an Amazon gift card! I started this earlier but had to scoot since I was at work. It's more of a challenge than you'd think, kind of like a mini flash fiction. I wanted to post something about the lights of Christmas since they always brighten my day and lighten my heart. Okay, here goes nothing, Lindi. "Christmas lights revive childlike wonder." Blessings during this glorious season!

Lindi said...

JoAnn--my friend! How are you this Christmas season? So good to hear from you.
I love your 5-word sentence! It's beautiful and true.
A $5 gift card will be on it's way to you in the next couple of days.

Again, great to hear from you.

JoAnn Durgin said...

Great, Lindi! Thanks so much, and I'm thrilled. I should buy stock in Amazon since I'm always there. I love the cover you've chosen for your post today. My covers have the roses but also things symbolic and meaningful for the storyline of each book (instead of faces) since it's a long series. I see you marked Second Time Around to read on Goodreads. I hope you enjoy it! When you read it, you'll understand more why I wanted the key and also what's on the back cover. I'm waiting for YOUR next one, my friend! Best to you and yours during this holiday season. Blessings.