Thank God It's Friday--Literally! David Crowder Band

T.G.I.F. We've all seen it and heard it a million times. We'll devote Friday's to telling the world what we're thanking God for!

This week I'm giving a special shout out for David Crowder!! The David Crowder* Band will be here in the ATL tomorrow night and you know I'll be there. David and the band have made awesome music. My fav band!!! I'm so excited--so, yes, I'm thankful for David Crowder and his obedience to God!! His talent glorifies God--and gives me music I love to listen to.


Enjoy Life said...


Lindi said...

Hello, Enjoy!! And yes, Amen. Chris August was with DC and sang a new song he's written titled Amen. One of the best songs ever! Watch for it next year.