Unwritten-Encourage The Journey

No matter what we are doing in life there are struggles. Mondays will be our day to talk about what was left unwritten last week---and then offer encouragement for the following week.
And if everything from your previous week was written—let’s celebrate!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving week. That in itself should be an encouragement! But really, shouldn't we have the Thanksgiving/Christmas mindset all year? We have so much to be thankful for on a daily basis--and the spirit of Jesus being born lives in our hearts every day!
This week I'm going to work on a proposal, a one page synopsis, and two blurbs! I need prayer! :)
How about you? What are you working on?


Ciara said...

I'm praying that I finish the book I sold on proposal in time while I finish third round edits for one publisher and third round for the other publisher. Wish me luck. :) I'll think twice before contracting on proposal again. I like to have my books finished ahead of time. :)
Good luck with writing the blurb, those are SO tough. Send it to me if you want a read.

Lindi said...

Ciara--you can do it! I know you can. And it'll be great-all of it.