That Was Then, This Is Now-David Crowder & The Rolling Stones

I haven't always read the same type of book-watched the same type of movies--listened to the same type of music. Back in the day, in the 70's I only read historical romance novels. That's it. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Dean Koontz, John Saul and other thriller writers. After working my way through thrillers then I started reading women's fiction--then I started writing. Now I write contemporary christian romance novels. The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith lived in my 8-track player--now David Crowder tops my list of favorite music.But things from my past have shaped who I am today. So we are going to look at 2 somethings. Books-movies-music. The first will be the Here and Now. The second--we'll see what Father Time brings forth and from what era he brings it forth from.

Here we go!

Thought I'd go the music route this week as I did see the David Crowder Band last Saturday night. Amazing. This band has spoken to me so much about God and who He is than any other band. You know how it is when something just resonates with you? Well, this band resonates well with me. This is their last tour as they are breaking up, but I know they'll all continue to bless people with whatever avenue God has in store for them next!

Ha! These are the Rolling Stones I remember. You aren't allowed to say a negative against Mick Jagger in our house. I've been listening to the RS's since the 60's. That's my first memory of them and the song "Hey you get off of my cloud. And of course, the 70's brought us Angie. Probably the best song in the free world!

Got any music memories you want to share?

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Christy LaShea said...

I was an MTV junkie. Tween years consisted of sitting in front of the TV a lot of times drinking in those music videos. At one point, I taped my favorites on the VCR so I could watch them over and over. RS is great and I loved most of the rock bands out there.

Now, I'm big into Christian music. I wish we'd had more Christian music when I was growing up, but I suppose that was the inspiration for most Christian bands out there. I mean, they sound like rock bands and pop and even rap. Everything popular now, Christian bands are accomplishing the same sound, better sound with lyrics inspired and that are from the WORD. I rarely listen to the old stuff any longer. I crave Christian music now. Crowder band is awesome. Their unique sound is like none other. I love Tenth Avenue North. Those are just a couple. There are so many songs out there I like but I can't think of names right now. And who can't love Toby Mac. He's been in Christian music since before it was "popular". And I think that's the key, now that we have Christian Radio, the word will spread about how great the music is. And if God is behind it, as we writers know, its success will multiply!