Did I Notice Your Book

With all the new tools out there to monitor book sales and blurbs mentioned about their books, I’m going to highlight a new book each week. I’ll post it in the morning. If by the end of the day that author finds her book on this post I want her or him to tell us how they discovered it; word of mouth through the close network of writers, a Yahoo group mention, or through some new-fangled Google tool.

Now, how will I choose this book each week? It will be a book that caught my attention. As a reader, I will keep an eye out for something that either provoked me to read the blurb, look at the author’s blog, or purchase said book.

Before I reveal my choice I want to clarify that this author has no idea that I’ve chosen his/her book.

The book I've chosen is: The Perfect Rose by Felecia Rogers

Abandoned by his wife and left to raise a child alone, Caleb Reed falls short of the ideal work-from-home dad. He needs a woman to help him, in every sense of the word. At the suggestion of a friend, Caleb agrees to hire Ariel Lauren on a trial basis.

As an orphan, Ariel has more issues than just how to make it on her own. Yes, she needs the money that Caleb offers her, but more than anything she finds she desires his love. One calamity after another befalls her and jeopardizes her new job and her chance at having a family. But through it all, Caleb is by her side, his gruff exterior threatening to melt in the face of their shared attraction. Will they decide to continue life alone or will the magic of Valentine's Day bring them together?

I chose this book first because I loved the cover. I'm a sucker for romance--love--and all that inspires those special feelings. I love faces on covers and I love roses! So, this cover drew me in right away.

Then I read the blurb. Valentine's Day? I'm there. The author hooked me with the story line as well.

Click here to purchase The Perfect Rose.

Felecia Rogers on Goodreads

Felecia Rogers' website

What do you think? Does this cover draw you in? Would you read this book?

Also, check out Ciara Knight's Blog for a list of all who are participating--and see who did indeed NOTICE THEIR BOOK!


Lindi said...

I've bought this book and will be reading it then posting a review on Ciara's Knight's of the Round Table Review in January!

Ciara said...

I'm so excited you are participating in the blog hop. :) Great pick. The blurb does sound great. I look forward to your review in January. Now, let's see if she finds her book. Off to Tweet.

LJ said...

You're right, this is a wonderful cover. Great pick.

Laura Eno said...

Beautiful cover! Very romantic.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cover! And I love that blurb. Definitely worth checking out. Hope the author finds you :)

Lindsay said...

I hope she finds her book

Hildie McQueen said...

What a nice book, the storyline sounds good too. Great choice Lindi!

Ciara said...

Hi, Lindi. Stopping in to check on things. I'll retweet. Don't worry. I'm sure the author will find their book. Sometimes it takes a day or two. :)

Rusty Webb said...

I hope the author stops by to find their book. The bloghop has turned out to be a real blast.

Brinda said...

Well, I'm a sucker for romance, too. This sounds great.

Lindi said...

Brinda--yeah, it does sound great. I'll be doing the review in Jan on Ciara's blog.

Rusty--the bloghop is fun!! We need to do it again.

LJ--the cover is what first caught my attention. :)

Lindi said...

Laura--Yes, it is romantic! I love romance as well!!

Raelyn and Lindsay--I'm hoping the author comes by today!


Felicia Rogers said...

I found my cover!!!! That you so much for listing my book. :) This was the first short story I wrote. I hope you enjoy the read.


Felicia Rogers

Ciara said...

Yay!!!! Thanks for playing Felicia. I'm so excited that you found your book. Woot!

Lindi said...

Felecia--Yay!! Great--I can't wait to read your book. Do you mind telling us how you found it?