That Was Then, This Is Now--Nessie The Cat

I haven't always read the same type of book-watched the same type of movies--listened to the same type of music. Back in the day, in the 70's I only read historical romance novels. That's it. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Dean Koontz, John Saul and other thriller writers. After working my way through thrillers then I started reading women's fiction--then I started writing. Now I write contemporary christian romance novels. The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith lived in my 8-track player--now David Crowder tops my list of favorite music.But things from my past have shaped who I am today. So we are going to look at 2 somethings. Books-movies-music. The first will be the Here and Now. The second--we'll see what Father Time brings forth and from what era he brings it forth from.

Here we go!

Okay--we're not going back so many years today. We're only going back three.

Meet Nessie. My cat. My crazy, I-wanna-grab-your-ankle-but-sleep-right-next-to-you-every-night cat. We brought her home 3 years ago, January.

This is her 3 years ago. She was so little and skinny under all that fur. Now, as you can see, she's not lacking for food-or fur!! We love her!

Nessie joined our already crazy family---our 14 year old cat, Jasper, our blue and gold Macaw, Chiquita, our lilac-head parrot, Lila and we now have a crazy, just not quite this side of normal dog, Hutch. Yeah, they out number us 5 to 2. But we control the food! :0

Do you have any pets?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You have a zoo! Good to see Nessie grew into her fur. Sort of.

Lindi said...

Alex--yes, she did grow into that fur! She's a mess all around. :)

Ciara said...

I miss having a cat. :( We have a dog for the boys right now. I go visit cats at the pet shop, though.

Lindi said...

You can come and visit my 2 cats. I love my kitties. :0

Tami Brothers said...

Cute! We have a cat, dog, lizard, turtle and are down to one HUGE goldfish. Getting ready to move (only a short distance) and you should see the logistics of trying to coordinate those animals.

LOVE Nessie. Very cute (and furry). ;)