That Was Then, This Is Now--The Jeans They Are A Changin'

I haven't always read the same type of book-watched the same type of movies--listened to the same type of music. Back in the day, in the 70's I only read historical romance novels. That's it. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Dean Koontz, John Saul and other thriller writers. After working my way through thrillers then I started reading women's fiction--then I started writing. Now I write contemporary christian romance novels. The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith lived in my 8-track player--now David Crowder tops my list of favorite music.But things from my past have shaped who I am today. So we are going to look at 2 somethings. Books-movies-music. The first will be the Here and Now. The second--we'll see what Father Time brings forth and from what era he brings it forth from.

Here we go!

Today we're deviating a bit. (don't you love the word deviate?) We're going with a little fashion here-and-now/flashback. How about jeans?
Skinny jeans are all the rage now. I know I have a pair and I love them. They are really comfortable. The thing is they LOOK terribly uncomfortable, but they're not.They look really great with boots, too.

Now, who remembers wearing these jeans? I do! (Lindi raising her hand!!) In junior high school especially. I remember high waists and big buttons--oh, and those bell bottoms. I had bell bottoms so big, that I tripped over them one morning on the way to school. I remember jumping up hoping no one saw me. (I lived in the city then and we walked to school!)

How about you? Remember these fashions? Do you remember others? Please share!

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Ciara said...

I remember the tight jeans of the 80's where you had to lay down on your bed and use a hanger to zip them. How did we survive all day in those jeans. LOL. Now, I Have to deal with telling my son to pull his jeans up every five minutes! Ugh, teenagers. LOL

Arlee Bird said...

Before I started college at the University of Tennessee in 1969, I went clothes shopping and loaded up on garish bell bottoms and wide collared shirts in paisleys and stripes. I was going for the fashionable mod hippy look like a lot of the rock musicians of the time were wearing. Once I started going to classes I realized no one was wearing clothes like those and I really felt out of place. Most of the clothes ended up in my closet and I don't know what happened to them.

Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

Lindi said...
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Lindi said...

Ciara--I do remember those jeans. I wish I could forget them. And you're right about the jeans now falling off people--why are there such extremes?

Arlee--How funny no one else was dressing like that. And you're a UT guy! Nice.