A Shopping We Will Go

My husband and I live close to the mountains. There are great little mountain towns and lots of shops where you can find different and unique things. We spend one Saturday a month going Christmas shopping in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The drive is nice, and we usually find quite a few gifts. Ones that you don't find in every store.

So today is the day. It's supposed to be nice here, high 60's, low 70's. I'm sure there will be a cool breeze, but it looks to be a great day for our shopping spree.
We really look forward to doing this together. We have lots of fun and get something accomplished in the process. And it's good for me because I"m not really a shopper. I'd rather be home reading or writing instead of getting out amongst the crowds.

Where do you fall on the shopping meter? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between?

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Jill's Jibberish said...

Love it, love it, love it!! I've had mine done for almost a month. Of course when you don't buy much it doesn't take long. But I still love it.