Weather or not?

I've been living in Georgia since 1976. Seems like we used to have seasons, but maybe I was young and doing whatever and just didn't pay attention.
Now it seems like the heat of summer turns into the cold of winter which in turn turns into the heat of summer.
Only right now the heat of summer is happening in December. We are breaking records everyday this week. High 70's. Beautiful, sunny and dry. We need cold, rainy and wet. We are in a severe drought, our water restrictions are in place and there's no washing your car in your driveway, that's for sure.
They say that by this weekend on Sunday the low will be in the 20's and the high in the 40's. More like our normal weather in December.
But for the next couple of days, I'll be enjoying this burst of summer in December.
HOw about you? Where do you live and how's your weather treating you?


Anonymous said...

This is a joke, eh ? Let's dig Cuz Wendy ?? Let's see.........we had HORRIBLE rain for 4 days that turned to sleet and ice about 4 am, making rush hour and all of the local roads nothing but fender bender after another........then about 9 am it started raining which turned everything to slush, however the major roads have now been plowed. It started snowing again around 1:00 PM for a while but is now taking a break, getting ready for the 1-4 inches we are to get tomorrow and the MAJOR storm expected for Saturday and Sunday !!! Is there anything else you would like to know ???

Love you more !!!!

Belinda Peterson said...

Sorry about the weather!! You need to move to Georgia. Tell Darrell to pack it up. We have 5 acres--he can store his cars here until you guys find a place.

Love you mostest of all!!

Jane said...

The weather is amazing here! Of course, today is a little chilly!!
I think you and I live very close to each other. We have a Ball Ground address. Are we close?????

Belinda Peterson said...

Yes, Jane, we live in Ball Ground off of 372.
Your granddaughter Zoe is so cute!!
Thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 12/16 update !! Its a blizzard, plain old blizzard !!!

Belinda Peterson said...

ooh---on Sunday 12/16 we had a flew furries---just a few. But they were flurrying around 3 days after it was 70 degrees---we never know how to dress here in the winter.