Bunches of stuff

Okay, as my cuz pointed out in the comment section I have not been posting regularly this week. It's true--she's right. But--well there are no excuses are there? I've had time to do other things, so I could have jotted something down here and there--one day or another, huh?

I'll preview a little of my post tomorrow. Kristy Dykes husband is asking for world-wide prayer for her at 3:30 Monday afternoon as she goes for her first radiation treatment. I'll have that post tomorrow.

On a lighter note, we have our granddaughter with us today and tomorrow. Such a joy to have around. She's talking up a storm and making us laugh really hard with her cute sayings. She turned two in August and seems to be a very bright, fun, happy little girl.

My cuz's niece (which I'm not sure what Marisa is to me? My second niece once removed twice over and three times under?) Marisa had a baby girl last week. From reading the paragraph above Marisa and Jim are in for a lot of fun in the next couple of years. I know she will be a joy. Here is a very cute picture of Kenzi.

What a better way to end a post than with a cute picture!


anonymous said...


You should study Geneology perhaps !! If Terri and I are your first cousins, that would make Marisa yur second cousin !!! About time you wrote too!! Have a great day !

Belinda Peterson said...


It's really that simple? As usual, I'm trying to complicate okay Miss Geneology, what is Kenzi then to me? Third cousin--niece----something? Or nothing! Please don't say nothing!

Anonymous said...

Third cousin !

Anonymous said...

And I suppose I should have told you this too !!! Your ONLY nieces, great, nephews too, would be Matt or Shawns kids. We would all be cousins. And nephews and nieces would be niece and nephews, then great nieces and nephews, and then GRAMD nieces and nephews. Have a great day !